Making Superhero Costumes for Kids Even More Awesome

For kids, costumes don’t just need to be for Halloween and trick or treat. Every day can be an epic dress-up adventure! To prove it, we got a little help from our friends at Craft That Party. With a big group of kids and a bigger bunch of costumes, they set out to show us how it’s done, with an amazing photo shoot focusing on imaginative play.

They also put together a ton of costume photo-taking tips in their blog post, which you can see be clicking the link above.

Read on to see their results!

superhero costumes batman spiderman


First things first – get out of the house! A superhero costume adventure is way more fun in the great outdoors. Head to a local playground or park to explore and imagine. This isn’t an old train station; it’s a secret base, all ready for our heroes to infiltrate it.

Being outside on a sunny day is also one of Craft That Party’s top tips for getting amazing shots. For darker costumes like Batman, the added contrast really makes the photo pop, and natural lighting is also an immense enhancement to colorful costumes like Spider-Man.

superhero costumes american


Everything is awesome with accessories!

Our Captain America girl had a great time posing with her shield. Since The Winter Soldier came out, the Cap’s been trending massively.

superhero costumes superman spiderman


Don’t forget about props. No Man of Steel will forget the day that he really bent a real steel bar. (We guess that every Superman needs a little help here and there feeling super.)

superhero costumes batman catwoman


Action shots are always fun to have, and they’re also fun to take. Here’s Catwoman exercising her catlike acrobatic skills, and Batman setting up to throw his grapple from his utility belt.

superhero costumes supergirl


We love this shot of Supergirl – she looks absolutely fantastic! Superhero costumes definitely bring out the best in any kid’s personality. Don’t worry, we have more than enough superhero costumes for adults (read: big kids) too.

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Styling and Photography in this post by Jen Dixon & Allison Duda.

Author: Walter Bloch

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