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Hello, Costume Express readers! My name is Abby, and I’m a busy stay-at-home mom to four little rascals under 5. I’m also a blogger/vlogger at, where most know me for my hair tutorials and lifestyle posts.


Over the years, I’ve learned that when I let my kids have creative control over their Halloween costumes — even if that means sacrificing a cute family theme — it always makes the holiday more enjoyable. Luckily for me, my two big kids are obsessed with Star Wars right now, and my dream of coordinating costumes came true! If you’re looking to go with a Star Wars theme, I have a few tips and tricks that will make picking out your costumes just a bit easier.


1. Don’t skimp on the accessories


The capes, the lightsabers, swords, guns — all the extra fluff is what really turns a normal costume into an adventure. This is the one night where mom and dad dress up and become part of their imaginative play! We had so much fun fighting bad guys together and it’s little family moments like this that make such a big impact on a child and in a family.


2. Baby costume ideas (and baby Ewoks!)


We have 4-month-old twins, and I was looking for a costume that would not only keep them warm, but would fit our theme. We ended up turning these snuggle bear jumpsuits into baby Ewoks. We purchased two brown T-shirts, cut off the sleeves and then put the shirts over the babies like scarves. Then, all you need to do is pull the fabric up in the back and over the head and cut little holes to pull the ears through. Voila, warm and snuggly baby Ewoks!


3. Masks, or no masks?


Because these are the costumes my kids will be wearing in their school parades, we needed to pick something that didn’t need a mask or helmet to be identifiable. Costume Express has a great selection of Star Wars costumes and characters, so just be aware that masks and helmets may not be allowed at your school. For that reason, we avoided a few characters, but my kids ended up finding something they were happy with anyway — say hello to my Padme Amidala and X-Wing Fighter Pilot!


4. Layering

We live in Ohio, and by the time Halloween rolls around, it’s nearly freezing. Whether or not we can layer underneath a costume is a big factor when deciding which one to go with. Make sure that when you’re choosing a costume, you go a size up to allow for warm layers underneath. Similarly, be sure to choose a costume that’s light and cool if you live in a warmer climate.


5. Fighter Pilot costume tips


The grey straps on the fighter pilot costume can be a bit tricky to put together, as it doesn’t come with any instructions. I ended up snipping the grey straps that were attached to the orange jumpsuit and used my mad homemaking skills with the safety pin to adjust and alter the straps so that they draped nicely on my son. If your son is as crazy as mine, you also might want to reinforce the plastic chest box where the straps thread through with some duct tape! This is such a cute costume and it will be very easy to layer him in warm clothing underneath.


6. Try it on, and lay it out

I can’t tell you how many times we’d wait until the last minute to pick out or try on our costumes to find out they were too large, too small or needed some adjusting. If you want your night to run smoothly, make sure everything is altered how you want, that you have plenty of safety pins and that you’ve thought through the layers and accessories ahead of time. When you have a slew of kids, 10 extra minutes for each of them that you didn’t have turns you into a frazzled little mess. So, do yourself a favor and try it on, and lay it out!


7. Trick-or-treat family traditions


Our tradition is hamburger soup and warm, homemade bread before we go trick-or-treating. I like to make it the day before so I’m not stressed out trying to get a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table on top of getting everyone warm enough for the night and dressed up in their costumes. We like to put safety lights or a few stripes of reflective tape on the big kids so they’re easily spotted, and if you want to get pictures with everyone, I suggest doing it before the big day!


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. It’s the one night a year that moms and dads get to become kids for the night and make special memories with their little ones. I hope you guys get to enjoy the holiday with your family and remember that it’s all about creating happy memories for your kids. Don’t stress yourself out with little things that don’t really matter! Happy Halloween!


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