Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Trick-or-treat is a favorite time of year for kids of all ages. If your little one is old enough to dress up and go out for their first Halloween, then here’s a list of suggestions. These are the Top 10 cutest Halloween costumes for toddlers this year.

We’re also going to share a few quick costume styling tips and ideas for accessories that go with each look. Use them to make your child’s costume totally unique, or to build a fun family group costume theme that everyone can wear together.

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#10. Skye

Skye is an adorable cockapoo and was the first girl to join the PAW Patrol. Always flying stylishly in pretty pink outfits, Skye joins Chase, Everest, Marshall, and all the other animals on missions with her helicopter. She’s also super smart, and is known for using her memory skills to help the team.

Accessorize: White sparkle tights, Pink glitter ballet flats

Family costume ideas: Deluxe Skye costume, Chase costume, Marshall costume


#9. Superman

What can we say about Superman? He’s the Man of Steel! The iconic S logo on his shirt, red cape, and slicked-back hair is a great Halloween costume for kids of all ages. Your little one will be all set to soar through the skies, testing out their new superhero abilities.

Accessorize: Superman trick-or-treat pail

Family costume ideas: Superman infant onesie, Supergirl costume, Superman pet costume


#8. Marshall

Just like Skye, Marshall is another member of the PAW Patrol team of heroes that helps Ryder protect Adventure Bay. He’s a dalmatian, just like most fire dogs in real life, and is the lead firefighter of the group. He might be a little bit silly and clumsy, but his “I’m okay!” catchphrase is always good for some comic relief.

Accessorize: Firefighter backpack/treat bag, Toy fire hose water gun

Family costume ideas: Deluxe Marshall costume, Skye costume, Chase costume 


#7. Batgirl

Batgirl’s superhero costumes are usually black so she can keep sneaky and stealthy, but some little girls just like things to be pretty and pink. If your daughter loves to be a girly girl, then this cute costume is the perfect look. The striking pink outfit and accesories really pop, and the metallic belt certainly shines.

Accessorize: Batgirl shoes, Batgirl glitter mask

Family costume ideas: Batgirl tutu costume, Batman costumes, Robin infant costume


#6. Tyrannosaurus Rex

T-Rexes are pretty intimidating creatures. With their jagged teeth, creepy scales, and sharp spines, they’ll startle almost anyone on Halloween. A toddler dressed up as a T-Rex changes everything, though – that’s not scary, that’s just adorable. This fuzzy dinosaur costume puts the “Aw!” in “RAWR!”

Accessorize: Voice changer

Family costume ideas: Owen Jurassic World costume, Dragon costume, Triceratops costume


#5. Astronaut

Has your child ever said what they want to be when they grow up? An astronaut is always a popular choice for boys and girls. Your child might be a little too young to jump aboard the NASA Space Program, but they can definitely take up their dream job for Halloween, thanks to this authentic astronaut costume.

Accessorize: Astronaut gloves, Astronaut boots, Astronaut jet pack

Family costume ideas: Adult astronaut costume


#4. Chase

Chase, the cheerful German Shepherd puppy, is the most serious and mature member of the PAW Patrol. Since he’s the top police dog in town, he’s one of the leaders of the team, along with Ryder. With his police truck and trusty megaphone, he can take charge of any situation.

Accessorize: Toy handcuffs, Police badge

Family costume ideas: Deluxe Chase costume, Skye costume, Marshall costume


#3. Hiro

Hiro Hamada is the main character from Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie. With the help of a few friends, and his oversized, air-filled robot Baymax, he finds himself swept up in a quest to save the world from evil. Big Hero 6 is one of our favorite kids’ movies, so Hiro is one of our favorite toddler costumes, too.

Accessorize: Child superhero boots

Family costume ideas: Baymax costume for kids, Baymax costume for adults


#2. Elsa (Frozen Fever)

Elsa is everyone’s favorite singing, sparkling snow queen, but this green spring dress is inspired by her look from the Frozen Fever animated short. She’s the older sister of Princess Anna, the ruler of Arendelle, and the accents on her dress are as impressive as her icy powers.

Accessorize: Green shoes, Sparkle tights

Family costume ideas: Classic Elsa costume, Anna costume, Olaf costume


#1. Batman

Batman’s awesome cape, body armor, and Batmobile make him one of the coolest superheroes ever, and a perfect costume for even the smallest trick-or-treaters. As the alter ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne, he fights crime throughout Gotham City, making sure that justice (and candy) is served.

Accessorize: Superhero boots, Batman gloves, Batarangs

Family costume ideas: Batgirl costume, Robin costume, Joker costume


What do you think of our list? Will you be dressing up with your kids in a family costume theme this Halloween? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then tell us what kind of costume ideas we should show off next. Leave a comment below, or on the Costume Express Facebook and Twitter pages. Check us out on Pinterest for more great costume ideas for kids, too.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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