The 10 Best Child Superheroes Ever

2015 is going to be a great year for superheroes – not only is the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, coming out, but Marvel’s also releasing their next movie, Ant-Man. That got us thinking about superheroes in general, and so we decided to compile a list of our favorite kid superheroes ever.

Some of these characters are still around today in new shows and movies, and some of them will probably be more nostalgic for the parents reading this post than for their children. Every one of them, though, proves the point that kids can be super, too.




Robin Costumes for Kids

Might as well start with the most well-known child superhero of all! The Boy Wonder debuted alongside the Dark Knight way back in 1940, in Detective Comics #38. Bruce Wayne took traveling child circus performer Dick Grayson under his wing (literally as well as figuratively, we suppose), after Dick lost his parents in the same way that Bruce did.  Dick’s acrobatic skills made him a naturally athletic crime-fighting sidekick, and he eventually became the leader of his own superhero team, the Teen Titans. Later in life, he became Nightwing to continue to protect Gotham City alongside Batman.


The other Robins

What do you mean, “It’s cheating to use Robin five times in one list”? Dick Grayson was the original Robin, but other characters have taken on that persona in different comic books, too. Jason Todd was the second Robin, after Dick became Nightwing, for example. Tim Drake was the third Robin, who impressed Batman with his intellectual and detective skills. Stephanie Brown was the fourth Robin – yes, there was a girl Robin, too. The Girl Wonder was Tim Drake’s girlfriend and took on the role after he quite crime fighting. Damian Wayne is the fifth and most current Robin, and the only one to be a biological son of Bruce Wayne.


Dashiell and Violet Parr

The Incredibles costumes - Dash and Violet

Pixar’s The Incredibles came out over ten years ago already, but it’s still one of our favorites (partially because it gave us Fro-Zone’s “Where is my Super Suit?” line).

Dash, the stereotypical hyperactive fourth-grade boy, naturally has the power of super speed, and is also seemingly immune to all of the accidental crashes he endures. Violet, the shy teenager, fittingly has the power of invisibility, and can also generate force fields. Their baby brother, Jack-Jack, was also shown to have vast array of shapeshifting superpowers at his disposal, even though he isn’t old enough to control them yet. According to writer and director Brad Bird, Jack-Jack’s seemingly unlimited and untapped potential powers represent a child’s potential to become anything they want to become in life.



Victor Stone is the teenage son of scientists Elinore and Silas Stone who is frequently used as a subject in various experiments. After a lab accident that heavily injures Victor, his father outfits him with an array of robotic implants and body parts, turning him into, well, a cyborg.  Cyborg is most well-known as a member of the Teen Titans, especially in the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! animated series. He’ll also be in DC’s upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as a founding member of the Justice League, and the plans are in place for him to star in his own spinoff superhero movie, Cyborg, in 2020. So, maybe we’re just a little bit ahead of the trend on this one, but Cyborg is going to be big.


Kid Flash

Kid Flash Costume Young Justice

Much like the Robin superhero persona, there have been a few different heroes by the name of Kid Flash throughout the years. The original, Wally West, was actually created to capitalize on the success of the Robin character. He’s got the same super-speedy powers as his adult counterpart, and first met up with Robin in a 1960s issue of The Brave and the Bold. The original Teen Titans would later be formed from an off-shoot of this story, and Wally would eventually take on the identity of Flash himself, as an adult. Iris West, Wally’s daughter, briefly served as the second Kid Flash, in an alternate universe storyline.

Bart Allen was the third Kid Flash, and the second one to exist in the main series. Originally known as the superhero Impulse, Bart, like Wally, was also a member of the Teen Titans. Later, he became one of the centerpieces of Young Justice, DC Comics’ new team of young superheroes that formed after the Teen Titans grew up and became known as simply “The Titans.”


Billy Batson

Billy Batson is a child who has the power to transform into Shazam, the superhero formerly known as Captain Marvel. Billy was given his powers by the wizard Shazam, whom he met after exploring a secret, abandoned subway tunnel. Saying “Shazam!” out loud summons a lightning bolt and turns Billy into Captain Marvel. “Shazam” isn’t just a cool-sounding word, either. It’s an acronym that stands for the mythological characters from which Billy gets his superpowers: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

Fun fact: In the Golden Age of Comics, Captain Marvel was actually more popular than Superman, or any other superhero serial – its bi-weekly circulation of 1.3 million copies was a record. DC Comics changed the superhero’s name to Shazam, after the power-bestowing wizard, when they relaunched the series in 2011, to avoid conflicts with Marvel Comics and their Captain Marvel.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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