Superman Costumes and Activities for Super Kids

When most people think of superheroes, they think of Superman and Supergirl. DC Comics’ Man of Steel has been around since the first issue of Action Comics in 1938, and the original Supergirl debuted in the ‘50s. Both have been around for a long time and are hugely important to comics as a whole.

They’re also still extremely popular. DC’s Supergirl TV show, premiering in 2015, and the Batman v Superman movie, premiering in 2016, are definitely proof of that. If your children love superheroes, too, then dressing up with Superman and Supergirl costumes is a great way to play.

Here are a few super costume ideas for kids, as well as five fun superhero activities and games to play once your Justice League has suited up.



Superman Costume Ideas

Superman costumes for kids

With its flowing red cape and S-shaped crest, the classic red and blue Superman costume is one of the most recognizable outfits in comics. Even though it’s changed its appearance throughout the decades, like in the Man of Steel movie, it’s always been iconic.

This Superman T-shirt costume isn’t just a shirt with a printed design – it has a detachable cape, which makes it a full on costume in its own right, perfect for dressing up anytime. Plus, not only are T-shirt costumes comfy and easy to wear, but they’re practical for crime-fighting. So practical, as a matter of fact, that the newest official Superman costume in the comic books really is just a Superman T-shirt.


Supergirl Costume Ideas

Supergirl costumes for kids

There’s no reason that girls can’t dress up like Superman, too. But, consider that, in the comic books, Kara Zor-El was shown to be as strong as – sometimes stronger than – her cousin Kal-El in battle. They both have similar superpowers, but Supergirl is known for using more all-out aggression to take down the bad guys. Now that’s what we call girl power!

As for Supergirl’s costume itself, it’s always been pretty similar to Superman’s as well, swapping the blue pants (and occasionally the red outer-underwear) for a red skirt. Aspiring ballerinas can even go for a tutu to match their cape and gauntlets, and this sparkly Supergirl costume is full of shiny sequins. It also comes completely in pink, if that’s your superheroine’s favorite color.


Superman and Supergirl Themed Activities For Kids

Once your super suits are on, it’s time to save the world! Superman and Supergirl don’t just sit around the Fortress of Solitude and play video games all day (not that there’s any wrong with video games), so here a few fun ideas for superhero activities that you can do with your kids.

Leap tall buildings in a single bound!

For this game, you’ll need a few small cardboard boxes – empty shoeboxes are the perfect size. Pile them up into a “skyscraper” and see how many stories your superheroes can clear in a single jump. If you’re playing indoors, you can also use a stack of pillows or sofa cushions instead of boxes to ensure a soft landing.

Save the day with mighty Heat Vision!

Heat vision is another one of Superman and Supergirl’s most well-known superpowers, and it also makes for a fun superhero game. Prepare ahead of time by placing a few action figures in containers of water and freezing them. Once they’re encased in blocks of ice, have your superheroes break them out with their “heat rays,” that is, water guns filled with hot water.

Fly into a cute photo-op!

Unfortunately, our Superman capes and costumes do not actually provide the ability to fly. With a little bit of camera trickery, though, your super-kids can look like they’re really flying through the skies. Use a standing electric fan to create some wind, and have your hero strike a classic flying pose while lying across a stool or stepladder. Instant flight!

If you’re the “graphically inclined” type, you can even photo-edit your super subject in front of a clean blue sky, for added effect.

Test out your X-ray eyeballs!

Superman and Supergirl have the power to see though solid objects. Do your superheroes in training have the same skills? Arrange some quick DIY targets, like soda bottles to knock over or buckets in which to throw balls, and have the heroes hit as many as they can – blindfolded.

Kids of steel!

Here’s an easy DIY prop for superhero costumes that’s great for funny photos, too. You’ll need some Styrofoam pieces, cut to look like barbell weights (they don’t have to be perfectly round). To cut your Styrofoam pieces into the right shapes, you can use a small hand saw or even an electric carving knife. Most craft stores also sell special tools just for this purpose.

Paint your weights black with acrylic paint and stick them onto a broom handle or a thick wooden dowel. Your mighty superheroes will be able to lift it clear over their heads!


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Author: Walter Bloch

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