Spider-Man Dress-Up Ideas to Tingle Your Spidey Sense

Have you heard that Spider-Man is coming back to the big screen? It won’t be until 2017 at the earliest, but Marvel recently said that they’re making a brand new Spider-Man film, 15 years after the movie with Tobey Maguire first hit theaters and became one of the best superhero movies, ever.

It’s no wonder that Spider-Man has always been so popular – between the movies, comics, and cartoons, we definitely can’t get enough. If your kids are the same way, then they’ll love these ideas for Spider-Man costumes as much as Peter Parker loves beating the bad guys.



Spider-Man Costumes for Kids


Spider-Man’s classic red and blue costume is as iconic as superhero costumes get. It’s gone through plenty of changes over the years (if you’re interested in learning more about that, our partners in crime costume at BuyCostumes have the details), but everyone knows and loves that Spidey style. Bigger kids and toddlers alike can get the look with these Spider-Man costumes and masks.

We can’t leave out Spidey’s alter-ego, Venom, either. Sure, it’s an alien creature that turns people into villains, but that black Spider-Man costume is just so cool. If your child can’t decide between the two, this reversible Spider-Man costume can swap between the two looks just like that.

This Spider-Man T-shirt is printed to look just like the details of Peter Parker’s costume. It even comes with a matching Spider-Man mask, too, which makes it great for boys and girls who love everyday dress-up play. Whether they’re into climbing trees and swinging from webs outside, or infiltrating the secret villain base in the playroom, they’ll have even more fun doing it as Spider-Man.


Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman Costumes


Time for a little comic book backstory: the first-ever Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, first appeared in the late ‘70s, and got her Spidey Senses from a radioactive science experiment, just like Peter Parker. Her superhero mask and costume, in red and yellow, was a little different from Spider-Man’s, but there was a second Spider-Woman, too.

May Parker, Peter Parker’s daughter, was the first superhero to use the “Spider-Girl” nickname, but she goes by “Spider-Woman” now. When she started noticing her superpowers as a teen, she put on one of her dad’s old outfits and started her crime-fighting career.

In other words, in the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman have actually worn the exact same costume. That doesn’t mean Spider-Girl costumes can’t be without girly style, though. Here’s a take on Spider-Girl’s costume  that involves a sparkly tutu and ruby red ballet flats, and here’s another for girls who prefer to wear all-pink everything, head-to-toe. Superhero strength and princess magic, all in one: now that’s what we call girl power!


Spider-Man Dress-Up Activities and Games

What will your superheroes do once they’ve suited up? Here are some ideas that make great Spider-Man themed birthday party games, as well as amazing everyday activities. Sometimes, the best reason you need to dress up is no reason at all!


Bringing Spidey Stories to Life

Superheroes like Spider-Man are great for imaginative play. Dress up in costume with your child (yes, we have plenty of Spider-Man costumes for adults, too), and re-enact your favorite scenes from the Spider-Man movies or cartoons.

Or, create your own stories and adventures for Spider-Man and Spider-Girl. Use random costume accessories and items you already own to give Spider-Man a new superhero ally – or a supervillain foe of unprecedented strength. Epic backyard battles will ensue.


Web-Slinging Target Practice

Peter Parker built devices into the wrists of his Spider-Man costume that shot super-strong web fluid of his own creation. Unfortunately, ours, while realistic in appearance, doesn’t quite have that level of technology.

So, cans of silly string will do just fine! Create a few targets – these can be simple bull’s eyes on cardboard boxes or photos of Spider-Man villains printed from the Internet – and let your little superheroes take them out. Make different targets of different sizes, heights, or distances worth more or less points.

We definitely recommend this as an outside activity, since silly string in the hands of children tends to get pretty messy. But, if it’s too cold or rainy, you can set up a makeshift shooting gallery indoor with plastic garbage bags (or even some spare tablecovers) and tape to keep the webs from slinging all over your furniture.


Stick the Villain on the Web

Here’s another great way for your superheroes in training to practice capturing bad guys. Spider-Man never really made giant webs to catch villains, but this take on a classic game is tons of fun either way.

Create a web-like pattern on an indoor wall with masking tape or crepe paper streamers. Blindfolded, try to place a picture of a Spider-Man villain, like Electro, Rhino, or Dr. Octopus, near the middle of the web.


Spider-Man Face Paint Tutorial

No mask? No problem – anything becomes a Spider-Man costume with a little face paint. Here’s an easy step-by-step video tutorial on how to create a Spider-Man or Spider-Girl makeup look, thanks to YouTuber and face paint artist Elsa Rhae:



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Author: Walter Bloch

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