Police Costumes and Activities for Noble Kids

Has your son or daughter ever said what they wanted to be when they grow up? Did they say police officer? Fortunately for them, and you, you can let them join the force early and help them feel like a true cop as they wear the badge in the cutest way possible. Costume Express has all the right police costumes for your son or daughter to dress up as cops. They’ll be sure to protect and serve, and look adorable while doing it.



Police Officer Costume Ideas


The trooper costume for toddlers is perfect for your little one, with his green trooper cap, adorable tan and brown shirt/pants combo, and oversized tie. Your son will love the more mainstream police costume options, either sporting the baby blue/navy blue outfit, or the navy blue combo of the iconic NYPD. Your daughter can also get in on the action, as she dresses to impress in her navy blue button-up costume with skirt.

The police dress-up accessory kit is perfect for adding all the necessary equipment your little officer needs to join the force in, well … full force. With walkie-talkie in hand and cuffs at their side, they will be ready for any robbers they encounter.

Police Officer-Themed Activities for Kids

When you are all dressed in blue and ready to roll, you can’t just sit down. That’s the opposite of what any  officer wants to do. They want to get out there! Go do something! Use that energy productively and create some fun games and activities the whole squad can do together.

Lock up the bad guys!

Have some of the kids at the party dress up as robbers, so that everyone can play a game of cops and robbers. Whoever gets tagged must go to “jail.” To create your own D.I.Y. jail prop, take a box that’s large enough for a child to stand inside, like a refrigerator box, and cut a door with some jail bars into it. Paint the box dark blue or black and write “Jail” above the window. The kids will have tons of fun rounding each other up!

Snap those fun mugshots with a photo line-up!

Take adorable photos of your kids in front of a police line-up. Get a large, white sheet of paper or an old white bedsheet and hang it on a wall with tape. With a ruler, draw black lines across the board to indicate height marks. You can even give the kids a sign to hold with the date and event name, so you can help them remember the moment even more.

You’ve been given a ticket – to a party!

For police-themed invitations to a costume party or birthday party, create cool cards that looks like a ticket a police officer would give. Hand make them, or use your favorite image editing software like Photoshop. Titles like date, address, appearance required, etc. can be added to give it a real feel.

Mmm, Donuts!

Everyone know that cops love hanging out at donut shops. For a fun game, buy or bake your own tasty donuts and tie them to pieces of white string. Hang them in midair, and have your officers try to get a taste without using their hands – it’s like the police version of bobbing for apples! You can even use toy handcuffs to make sure there’s no law breaking going on.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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