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The newest Avengers movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, is coming out next month! Littler kids in the audience might not be old enough to have a favorite superhero, but if yours are already superhero superfans, then these new Avengers costumes are perfect! Officially licensed by Marvel, they’re available for pre-order on Costume Express right now, and not only are they bound to be some of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids in 2015, they’re gifts for birthdays, too.



Iron Man Costume


As the member of the Avengers with the most solo movies to his name, Iron Man returns to lead his forces into battle against Ultron in the new movie. Tony Stark has redesigned and upgraded his armor dozens of times over the years, and he’ll be showing off the “Mark 43” version in Age of Ultron. Any cool new features remain to be seen, but it certainly looks as awesome as ever, and our new Iron Man costume for kids is made to match. It might not actually lend superpowers to the wearer, but it will make him (or her) feel certainly super.

As a side note, Iron Man is also debuting his Hulk Buster armor in the new movie, which is designed to be tough enough to stand up to the Incredible Hulk’s incredible strength. This Hulk Buster costume features powerful-looking, molded gauntlets, improved leg armor, and a huge Iron Man helmet.


The Hulk Costume


Speaking of which, Hulk himself won’t be left out of the action, either. Marvel’s mean and green fighting machine has been around since the early ‘60s, and Bruce Banner was also a founding member of the original Avengers team, alongside Iron Man, Thor, and Ant-Man (who is getting his own movie later this year, by the way). Our updated Hulk costume is every bit as imposing as the Hulk in the movie, complete with mask and padded muscle chest top.


Captain America Costume


As the star of his own series of popular superhero movies, which included last year’s The Winter Solider and will include next year’s Civil War, Captain America (real name: Steve Rogers) is probably the most famous member of the Avengers, all things considered. He got his start in the comics in the early 1940s, as a super-powered supporter of the U.S. in World War II, but didn’t actually join the Avengers team until the fourth issue of that series.

The Captain America costume in the new movie is, as always, reminiscent of the original red, white, and blue design, but also has a look more like tactical army gear this time around, with more belts and straps. The mask and classic Captain America shield are still there, though – some things never change.


Thor Costume



Get ready to raise Mjolnir as high as the mighty Thor! The new Thor costume in Ultron features the same minor updates as the other characters, but that red cape and long blonde haircut are still there. Thor obviously wouldn’t be Thor without his hammer, either.

Fun fact: in the newest series of Thor comics, the hero that takes on the titular superhero persona is a girl – the original Thor loses the ability to hold his hammer. We’ll have to wait a while for her to get her own movie, but while we’re on the subject of awesome female superheroes…


Black Widow Costume


Natalia Romanova is one of the most awesome Avengers around. As a genetically enhanced super soldier and a master of countless varieties of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, she is the embodiment of the phrase “girl power.” Black Widow was the only female Avenger in the first movie, but she’ll be joined by Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron.

The Black Widow costume in the second Avengers movie also probably has the most differences from its counterpart in the first film, compared to the other Avengers’ costumes. It used to be a mostly plain black jumpsuit, but now includes icy blue trim, kneepads, and wrist gauntlets. In other words, now Black Widow leaves her enemies the same color as her wardrobe: black and blue.


Hawkeye Costume


The bow-wielding Hawkeye was originally a villain when he first appeared in the Avengers comic book series, but he quickly turned hero and has been one ever since. Like Iron Man, he also doesn’t actually have any superpowers – Iron Man has his tech, and Hawkeye has his archery and combat skills, which are among the best the world. Our Hawkeye costume features the same trench coat design seen in the movie, but we recommend a bow that shoots suction cup arrows instead of the real thing.


Ultron Costume


Sometimes, being the bad guy is just more fun, though – they’re all really powerful, and they have plenty of minions to do their bidding and clean their rooms. Plus, wearing a superhero costume is just pretend play: Being able to be something that you aren’t is the whole point of the fun!

In the new movie, Ultron is played by actor James Spader, but he’s also one of the biggest baddies in the Avengers cartoon, Avengers Assemble. In both cases, and in the comic books as well, Ultron himself is the artificial intelligence system that Iron Man creates. His basic form, and the form seen in the new Avengers trailer, is that of a scary, skeleton-like, robotic figure (in the comics, there was also a girl Ultron for a while, too), but can take over any robot or computer. As such, our Ultron costume has the villain’s signature look: the molded mask with red see-through eyepieces looks just like a real robot, and the rest of the costume’s jumpsuit is printed head-to-toe with realistic, metallic robot designs.


Vision Costume


Vision is a robotic android, just like Ultron, but the difference is that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner created and programmed him to be a hero to help stop Ultron. It was Iron Man’s technology that ended up making Ultron, so it only makes sense that the Avengers use the same technology to take him down!

The Vision has been a classic Marvel character since the 1960s, although he’s appeared in a ton of side-stories, and many different characters have used the “Vision” superhero identity, each one being a little bit different. In the movie, Vision will have an appearance that’s sort of halfway between a robot and a human – more human than Ultron, but not quite a real person. We got the look with our Vision costume with a red mask, red boots, yellow superhero cape, and a robotic-looking jumpsuit with foam muscles.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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