Minions Costume Ideas for Making Mischief

The Minions are back!

First debuting in 2010’s Despicable Me, the yellow Minion creatures themselves have been around since the dawn of time. Whether it’s Genghis Khan, Dracula, or even a Tyrannosaurus Rex, they’ve always pledged their allegiance to the latest and greatest villains of the era (even though things never seem to turn out very well for their masters).

We like to keep up with all of the new Minions costumes, too. Stuart, Bob, Kevin, and the rest of their Minion cohorts have the same Minion goggles and denim overalls as before, but there are plenty of different ways that you and your family can get the look. Not only do Minions make great family and group costumes for Halloween, but Minions dress-up is also tons of fun for birthday parties and everyday play. Here are some quick tips and ideas for Minion costumes that you and your kids will love.

Minions Costumes for Kids


These classic Minions costumes are great for kids of all ages, including toddlers. The yellow jumpsuits and blue overalls look just like they do in the movies, and there are even Minion goggles and caps (with little tufts of hair) to boot.

The new – or old, depending on how you look at it – pirate Minion and Dracula Minion are here, too. The pirate’s skull bandana and belt and the vampire’s spooky cape each associate with their respective masters.


Girls’ Minion Costumes


Stuart, Kevin, and Bob are all male names, but the standard Minions uniform is totally unisex (except for that time Stuart dressed up like a girl). So, if your daughter prefers a “girlier” Minions costume, these Minion skirts are a great way to go.

The deluxe jumper version even includes a glittery tulle under-layer with matching leg warmers – an ideal style for those who love to keep it trendy. Plus, it has real buttons and pockets. Whoever said fashion and function didn’t go together?


More Minions Costumes


For the casual costumer, or for older kids that are just “too cool” to dress up, then this Minions T-shirt and this Minions hoodie are perfect. Not only are they easy costumes that can just be thrown on, but since they’re just a regular T-shirt and zipper hoodie, they can be worn anywhere, anytime.  They can also be combined with more Minions accessories to create a more authentic look.


Minions Costumes for Adults


Don’t worry, mom and dad. We know that you love the Minions, too (you’re not alone). Our adult Minions costumes are perfect for parents that want to dress up with their kids. Nothing says togetherness like family costumes on Halloween!

These costumes are just like the kids’ versions we showed off above, but they’ve been sized up to accommodate your inner child.


Ideas for D.I.Y. Minion Costumes

Minions costumes are among some of the easiest costume ideas to make yourself, which makes them great for people who prefer homemade costumes (or who need to come with a quick costume at the last minute … we’ve all been there). These are our top three tips to keep in mind when making a Minions costume.


Match Accessories with Things You Already Own

Accessories like official Minion goggles and Minion gloves can be paired with common, everyday items to create a totally unique look. A yellow T-shirt or top, plus denim overalls, is the easiest way to make your own Minions costume, suitable for parties and trick-or-treating. If you don’t already have both pieces in your child’s closest, they ought to be pretty easy to track down at the thrift store. Black or blue suspenders on regular jeans make a good substitute for real overalls, if needed.


Create Your Own Minions Stencil

In the Despicable Me movies, the Minions all wear Gru’s “G” logo on their overalls. Making your homemade Minion costume look extra authentic with a logo of its own is pretty easy to do with a quick stencil.

A quick Internet search will net you hundreds of Minion logos, so blow one up with your favorite image editing software, and print it onto some contact paper. Don’t worry about jagged and blurry edges – since it’s a pretty simple shape, you can correct those by eye when you cut it out.

Stick your stencil onto your costume, and cover the surrounding fabric with old paper and masking tape. Lightly spray over the stencil with a few coats of black spray paint, and your DIY Minion costume will be looking great.


Make a Minions Mashup

We know what Dracula’s Minions and Blackbeard’s pirate Minions looked like, but what would the Minions of other villains look like? You and your child can come up with all sorts of different possibilities. Maybe Maleficent’s Minions would have had horns to go with their goggles, and maybe Darth Vader’s would have red light sabers and black robes.

This can also be a fun group costume idea for families, couples, and best friends. One person can dress up like the villain, and the others can dress like their Minions.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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