Mickey and Minnie Dress-Up Ideas for your Whole House of Mouse

Ever since they were first drawn together in the 1920s, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been featured in hundreds of comic strips, cartoons, movies, and more. Between their classic works and appearances in newer video games, like the Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey series, they’re a couple of characters that adults, as well as kids of all ages, love.

Those mouse ears are one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, too. Have you ever come across any “Hidden Mickeys” in Disney movies or in the real world?

To celebrate two of our favorite Disney characters, we’re sharing a few Mickey and Minnie dress-up tips and ideas. Not only are they fun for the whole family on Halloween, but if your little one has a Mickey- or Minnie-themed birthday party coming up, costumes are great way to make it even more memorable.


Mickey Mouse Dress Up Ideas


What are the most important pieces of any Mickey Mouse costume? His mouse ears and white gloves, of course! This Mickey Mouse accessory kit for kids has all of the essentials, and these Mickey gloves are the right size for grown-ups, too.

A Mickey Mouse costume can really be just about anything, as long as those ears are involved. A pair of red shorts or pants combined with black T-shirt or top is pretty close to his classic costume. To be really authentic, though, and even a little bit formal, this Mickey Mouse costume features his tuxedo-inspired bowtie and jacket look.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Untitled-1The Sorcerer’s Hat, at Disney Hollywood Studios. Via Wikimedia Commons.

One of Mickey’s most famous characters of all time is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, from the segment of the same name from Disney’s 1940 masterpiece Fantasia. Based on an 18th Century fairy tale by Goethe, the story sees Mickey try to take the easy way out of his chores with a magic spell from his master.

For a Sorcerer’s Apprentice costume, this wizard hat looks just like the one from the movie, and it even includes the mouse ears. Just complete the costume with a red wizard’s robe (a red hoodie or D.I.Y. cape work great, too). Plus, if you can hunt down an old broom like the one Mickey enchants, that’s the perfect prop.

This also makes for a great parent-child costume combination idea. With your little one dressed up like Mickey the Apprentice, you can take on the role of the wizard Yen Sid yourself! (That’s “Disney” backwards, by the way.)


Minnie Mouse Dress Up Ideas


Fun fact: did you know that Minnie Mouse is officially short for Minerva Mouse? She doesn’t use that name very often, though.

Originally designed in 1928 to mimic flapper girl fashions of the decade, Minnie’s outfit has changed over time into a polka-dotted skirt and matching hair bow. There’s a good chance that your child already has something similar in the back of her closet, so a pair of Minnie ears is all she’ll need. Unlike Mickey’s, the bow is already attached. Bonus: here are some pink Minnie Mouse ears – super cute!

Minnie has a few different looks to choose from, too. Her original dress was red, but this Minnie Mouse tutu packs more than enough frilly pink tulle for any little girl. Her cheerleader costume from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is pink, too. Combine any of these with a pair of special, sparkly Minnie Mouse shoes for even more Disney magic.

Using Costumes with Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Parties


Our friends at BirthdayExpress.com have some absolutely darling Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse party themes – click those links to check them out. Not only do all the party supplies include the most amazing Mickey and Minnie illustrations and designs, but they can be mixed and matched with so many other options (for example, add lots of pink and purple decorations to a Minnie party).

As for dress-up, just think of how adorable the birthday boy or girl will look opening their presents in mouse ears – sounds like a photo op to us! Or, if a bunch of guests from school or day care are coming over, then each one can have their own pair of ears to wear, too.


What kind of costumes and costume themes should we show off next? To let us know what you think, find us on Twitter @CostumeExpress or on our Facebook page and share your thoughts! Check out our boards on Pinterest, too, get even more costume ideas for the whole family.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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