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Last October, just before Halloween, we were lucky enough to have our costumes featured in M Magazine. The theme of the photo shoot was “Timeless Celebrations” – the focus being costumes inspired by favorite historical eras.

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We’re revisiting these shots today, because just like the costumes themselves, they never get old! Whether you’re gearing up the family for trick-or-treating, or gathering ideas for a birthday party, these should definitely provide plenty of inspiration.

To see the full feature, as well as check out the rest of the magazine, visit M’s free online reading app here. Keep on reading here to see the highlights!

Fabulously French

kids costumes mmag 2


The hero of this 1700s-style shoot was definitely our exclusive Marie Antoinette costume. Combined with the unique matching wig, it creates an amazingly authentic look! Colorful makeup and flowery accessories complete the ensemble.


kids costumes mmag 3


Any little girl is sure to feel royal and regal in costumes like these, and any costume party or birthday party turns into a fancy affair. As the saying goes, “Let them eat cake!” In this case though, we are actually talking about cake! Cupcakes decorated with royal icing flowers and white candies make a perfect match for this costume theme.

The Roaring 20s

kids costumes mmag 4


The twenties were an age of flapper gals and gangster guys, which is exactly the look we were looking to achieve. This pink flapper costume sets the scene, and so does this gangster suit jacket and pants combination. All that’s left is the Model T – hop in and paint the town red!

kids costumes mmag 5


Feather boas and a sparkly headband are the perfect accessories for any flapper. A fedora and fake cigar go great with our gangster’s pinstripes; a white scarf adds a whole other layer of swagger. Eat your heart out, Al Capone!

From the “Sands” of Time



Our third and final historical costume theme is a throwback all the way to ancient Egypt. Life along the Nile was rough, but not for those living in luxury. All sorts of golden accessories and beads really make this theme pop. Naturally, the pharaoh’s treasure also included plenty of gold foil-wrapped chocolates and sweets.

kids costumes mmag 7


In real life, Cleopatra and King Tut actually lived over one thousand years apart. Fortunately, anything is possible in costume! Our Egyptian King and Queen looked great posing side by side, as they ruled over their loyal subjects. Just be sure to watch out for that asp!


Click inside this graphic to shop the historical costume look, and explore our massive selection of kids costumes! There’s way more to it than just the themes on this page: you’ll find ancient Greek costumes, noble knights and fair maidens from the Renaissance, and even costumes from colonial times.

Have you ever dressed up in a costume from another era? What’s your favorite “timeless” costume of all-time? If you liked these costume ideas and want to see more like them, let us know your thoughts! Follow us on Twitter for even more inspiration.

Author: Walter Bloch

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