How 7 Awesome Moms Made Dress-Up an Everyday Activity

Not only are dress-up and costumes great for busting that summer boredom, but imaginative play and make-believe have a host of healthy benefits for kids, too. Pretend play plays a huge role in children’s cognitive development and social skills, among other things.

Plus, if your kids are running around the yard as they embrace their newfound roles as animals, superheroes, fairy princesses, pirates, or whatever it is that they want to be today, that also makes for great physical exercise.

This past week, we asked a few friends of ours to show us how they and their kids make use of costumes for fun. Each one showed off a different kind of costume theme, so here are the highlights from each of their posts. Click on each image to jump over to their full stories so that you and your children can draw plenty of inspiration for your own dress-up.


Arts and Crackers

Mom-of-two Alyssa let her children become “top guns” with these pilot costumes. The jumpsuits and helmets look just like what real air force pilots wear, and the whole family went out to see some real fighter jets, too.


The Chirping Moms

Batman and Superman: superheroes united, sworn to defend the backyard from evil. Their sister wanted to dress up, too, and she decided to be Princess Elsa from Frozen. Check out all the cute costumes – including more magical princesses and fairies – in the full post!


I Love You More Than Carrots

From comic book superheroes to real-life superheroes. Not only do firefighters and police officers have some of the most important jobs in the world, they have some of the most fun jobs when it comes to dress-up. 


Glued to My Crafts

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” keeps mail carriers from making all of their deliveries on time. Of course, if the weather happens to be just right, then it’s a perfect day for playing mailman outside, costume and all.


Still Playing School

No costumes are cuter or more cuddly than animal costumes! Former kindergarten teacher Devany let her children each choose an animal to dress up as and learn more about. The winners? A pretty peacock and baby elephant combination.


Teaching Mama

Angela’s boys are big fans of ninjas and superheroes, so an epic battle in the park between Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Hulk from Avengers Assemble was the perfect idea. Her full blog post also features a list of reasons to dress up every day – the last one is our favorite!


Vanilla Tulip

All four of Ashley’s children chose their own completely unique costume idea: there’s a swashbuckling pirate captain, a cowboy from the Old West, a snowflake princess, and a good witch from the land of Oz, all having fun together. 


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Author: Walter Bloch

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