Wonder Woman Costumes and D.I.Y. Ideas for Kids

Wonder Woman is a fighter for justice and all things noble. With her lasso of truth, weaponized tiara, magical sword and indestructible, bullet-deflecting bracelets, she has the strength and smarts to take down any bad guys standing in her way.

She’s not just a superhero, though. Hailing from the mystical island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman is also known as Princess Diana, ruler of the Amazons. What’s more, in some story arcs of the Wonder Woman and Justice League comics, she inherits the powers of a Greek goddess. Now, if that’s not the ultimate embodiment of Girl Power, we don’t know what is.



Wonder Woman Costume Ideas for Girls



CostumeExpress.com has all the costumes and accessories for any young girl who wants to don the tiara, rock the bracelets and crack the lasso of Wonder Woman. Your daughter has great choices in which costume she wants to wear. Girl power will shine through and your daughter will be smiley, whether she’s flying the skies of your town or sorting through her trick-or-treat candy.

In the classic Wonder Woman costume, your daughter will shine with her over-sized cape and knee-high boot covers. Lasso at her side, she will be able to corral any evil-doer she meets.

In sequins we trust! Your daughter will impress anyone she passes in her sequin Wonder Woman costume. With her classy blue and white starred tutu, she exudes class, fun, shine and girl power!

With her iconic W on her chest, bracelets ready, tiara perfectly straight and cape flowing, your daughter is ready to tackle anything that comes her way, no matter if she’s a few years into her reign as Wonder Woman or just starting out as toddler Wonder Woman.

Add some step into your Wonder Woman costume with these heeled sequin shoes ,which add a bit of pizazz and sparkle to your daughter’s costume. Also, this adorable Wonder Woman bag is perfect for carrying her trick-or-treat haul. It even comes with some cute Wonder Woman hair clips to keep your daughter’s mane aside when she’s soaring through the skies.



Wonder Woman Accessories and D.I.Y. Costume Ideas

It’s easy for any crime-fighting superhero to make their own accessories – plus, it’s a great way to customize your child’s Wonder Woman costume and make it every bit as unique as she is. Spend an afternoon using these tips to craft your costumes together. When Halloween rolls around, you’ll be the best-dressed family on the block.

D.I.Y. Wonder Woman Bracelets

To make Wonder Woman’s bracelets: first, take two toilet paper tubes and cut them lengthwise on one side, so they can easily slip onto a small wrist. Trim to the desired length, and paint them silver with a red star on each one.

D.I.Y. Wonder Woman Lasso

Wonder Woman’s most important accessory is her golden lasso of truth! Use thick yarn or nylon cord from the hardware store, and tie a large loop into one end to form the lasso. Cut your lasso to an appropriate length for your child, then use some metallic gold spray paint to complete the look. As an optional final step, brush on some glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint to make your child’s lasso glow just like Wonder Woman’s.

You put the “W” in Wonder Woman!

Want to make a Wonder Woman costume from scratch? Use yellow duct tape or Washi tape to create her classic “W” emblem on a red T-shirt, tank, or top. Then, pair your creation with a patriotic red, white, and blue tutu and some sparkly red shoes.


Call upon the Justice League to Save Halloween!



Wonder Woman needs her sidekicks and superhero compatriots with her to help fight crime, and now you can get the whole family together in costume as everyone dresses as their favorite characters from the Justice League. For moms, dads, brothers and sisters, there’s guaranteed to be a costume to match. What kind of superhero family and group costumes will you come up with this Halloween?



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