Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Girls

The Halloween spirit is in the air once again, and for kids everywhere, that means that it’s almost time for trick-or-treat.

Today, we’re running down our Top 10 list of the best, most popular Halloween costumes for girls. Each one of these characters is definitely a hot commodity for 2015, and is guaranteed to make your daughter’s eyes light up. We’ll also share a couple quick styling tips for each one, like the best accessories to make these costumes extra special, and how to turn each one into an amazing family or group costume.

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#10. Minions

Everyone loves the Minions. Stuart, Bob, and Kevin starred in their own movie this year and entertained us all with their adventures and mischief, much to Scarlet Overkill’s chagrin. With their goggles and little tufts of hair, they’re some of the cutest characters around, and some of the cutest costumes, too.

Accessorize: Black shoes, Minion guitar, Minion goggles

Group costume ideas: Dracula Minion costume, Pirate Minion costumeScarlet Overkill costume


#9. Maleficent

Maleficent became a famous villain in the animated classic Sleeping Beauty, but became even more of a prominent Disney character in her own 2014 film Maleficent. That’s where this Maleficent costume look comes from: with her black gown and black pointy horns, she is as intimidating as she is evil.

Accessorize: Maleficent wings, Maleficent staff, Black boots

Group costume ideas: Adult Maleficent Descendants costume, Aurora coronation gown


#8. Peacock

Peacocks are some of the most beautiful and elegant animals in the world, which makes them great for a Halloween costume idea. Cascades of feathers in rich blues and verdant greens are the inspiration for this look – the spread of its multicolored tail is something any little girl is sure to love.

Accessorize: Gold ballet shoes, Glitter makeup kit, Green curly hair combs

Group costume ideas: Baby/Infant Peacock costume, Adult Peacock costume, Teen Peacock costume, Blue Peacock costume


#7. Mermaid

Mermaids are always a popular choice among kids when it’s time for trick-or-treat. What little girl wouldn’t want to be a magical mermaid, swirling and twirling with shimmering scales and glimmering fins? This mermaid costume is perfect for bringing storybook fairy tales to life.

Accessorize: Seaweed boa, Shell mermaid purse, Glitter makeup kit

Group costume ideas: Magical Mermaid costume, Glitter Mermaid costume, Adult Mermaid costume


#6. Catwoman

Catwoman is on the prowl! She is one of the biggest female superheroes in the Batman universe, using sharp nails and striking looks to protect Gotham, even though she started her career as a masked thief and enemy of the Caped Crusader. This Catwoman costume is inspired by Anne Hathaway’s character in The Dark Knight Rises movie.

Accessorize: Catwoman accessory kit, Child combat boots, Black Halloween makeup

Group costume ideas: Batgirl costume, Batman costumeAdult Catwoman costume


#5. Black Widow

Here’s another great superhero costume idea for girls. Black Widow, a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff, is one of the leading ladies in Marvel Comics’ collection of characters. Originally a special agent in the Soviet Russian military, she learned the arts of combat and stealth in a top-secret program and later became a part of the Avengers.

Accessorize: Black Widow wig, Combat boots, Black Widow gloves, Black Widow batons

Group costume ideas: Captain America girls’ costume, Iron Man costume, Adult Black Widow costume


#4. Elsa (Frozen Fever)

Elsa is everyone’s favorite singing, sparkling Snow Queen. She is the older sister of Princess Anna, and the ruler of Arendelle. With her ability to create ice and snow, Elsa must be careful not to let her powers get ahold of her. This is Elsa’s costume look from the Frozen Fever short film, complete with spring flowers and trees.

Accessorize: Green sparkle shoes, Green hair combs, Silver star princess wand

Group costume ideas: Anna Frozen Fever costume, Classic Elsa costume, Olaf costume


#3. Disgust

From the Pixar movie Inside Out, Disgust is the highly opinionated and extremely, let’s say, honest emotion living inside the head of main character Riley Anderson. It’s her job to protect Riley from physical and social danger, and she’s very protective. She’s also one of the funniest characters in the movie, which makes her a great Halloween costume.

Accessorize: Glitter makeup kit, Green shoes or Pink shoes

Group costume ideas: Joy costume, Anger costume


#2. Evie

Evie is the charming daughter of the Evil Queen from Disney’s Descendants. She’s a high school student with a hobby for fashion, but a more important matter in her life is deciding whether to use her mother’s Magic Mirror to carry out the Disney villains’ wicked plans, or to turn to the good side.

Accessorize: Evie wig, Goth makeup kit, Combat boots

Group costume ideas: Evie coronation gown, Mal costume, Adult Evil Queen costume


#1. Mal

That’s right, Disney’s Descendants takes the top two spots on our list of Top 10 Halloween costumes! Mal is Evie’s best friend and the daughter of Maleficent, one of the most feared villains of all time. Born and raised on the Isle of the Lost, she relocates to Auradon with the other villains’ descendants, with the evil plan of stealing the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand.

Accessorize: Mal wig, Combat bootsGoth makeup kit

Group costume ideas: Evie costume, Adult Maleficent costume, Audrey costume


What do you think of our list? Will you be dressing up with your daughter in a family costume theme this Halloween? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then tell us what kind of costume ideas we should show off next. Leave a comment below, or on the Costume Express Facebook and Twitter pages. Check us out on Pinterest for more great costume ideas for kids, too.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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