Shopkins Costume Ideas For Kids

As long as kids and toys have been around, every generation of children has had its own iconic, obsessively collectible, gotta-have-it toy. In decades past, things like Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Pogs were the must-haves. More recently, you probably remember things like Zhu Zhu Pets. Now, it’s Shopkins that are No. 1.

After getting their start in Australia a couple of years ago, Shopkins have exploded to become the hottest toys of 2015. What’s more, it’s looking like they’re only going to be growing in popularity in 2016. Shopkins books and web videos already exist, and a Shopkins cartoon is coming soon. As their motto says, “One you shop, you can’t stop.”

Fortunately, we’re fans of Shopkins, too! If your child loves to collect Shopkins figures, then they’ll also love dressing up with Shopkins costumes. Keep on reading to discover our favorite Shopkins costume ideas for kids.



Strawberry Kiss Shopkins Costume


Strawberry Kiss is one of the most popular Shopkins, and she’s been turned into an equally adorable costume. Glittery red polka dots on the skirt, along with some frills of green tulle, make for a faithful recreation of the character, and there are many options to consider when it comes to accessories.

Let’s start with a pair of red sequin heels. They might look like they’re from the Land of Oz, but they look right at home with Strawberry Kiss, too. Green shoes also work; white tights and gloves are two other basic items that can add a lot to this costume.

But, don’t stop there. Add more costume accessories into the mix. Why not add some fabulous flair with a red feather boa and red costume jewelry? This faux ruby ring is perfect: the acrylic stone inside of its gold-colored setting almost looks like a strawberry itself! Remember: thrift stores and secondhand shops are always excellent resources to snag inexpensive pieces for the dress-up chest, too.

As for hair ideas, we borrowed a look from another popular, classic toy of the past. If you grew up in the ‘80s or ‘90s, you probably remember the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls. This Strawberry Shortcake wig just so happens to be a great match for the Strawberry Kiss look! It’s a short, wavy, red wig with a strawberry hair pin that perfectly complements the Shopkins outfit.

Or, make use of green and red extension hair clips (they even light up!), or curly hair combs for an easy-to-get redheaded look. Daisies and other fake flowers also make great hair accessories for Strawberry Kiss. For another easy way to have your child make this costume her own, swap the included Strawberry Kiss hat for a beanie or beret in red or green.



Cupcake Queen Shopkins Costume


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? That’s right, nobody – and the Cupcake Queen is the queen of all cupcakes in the world of Shopkins.

Just like Strawberry Kiss, this Shopkins costume adapts the character into a cute dress design, this time in yellow and blue. A matching headband not only looks like a super-sweet swirl of blue cupcake frosting, but it also includes details like Cupcake Queen’s golden tiara and pink hair bow.

Or, forgo the headpiece entirely and assemble your own D.I.Y. creation to go with this Shopkins costume. Using different accessories to customize costumes like this is a fun way to add a little personalized style to your child’s dress-up!

This golden Wonder Woman tiara looks nearly identical to the one that the Queen wears. Simply cover the red star with a circle of pink paper, or with a pink plastic faux gemstone from your local craft store. Use a simple bow of pink ribbon and a blue wig or light-up blue hair extensions to complete your child’s D.I.Y. Cupcake Queen headpiece.

You can also dress up your dress-up with a bunch of other accessories too, just like we did with Strawberry Kiss. For Cupcake Queen, white tights are also a great option to pair with the blue, tutu-style skirt. As for shoes, nothing beats a pair of sparkly and pink ballerina shoes. Other colors like blue also match the outfit well.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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