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Monster High costumes and characters are one part horror, one part humor, and all about fashion. So, not only are they perfect for Halloween costumes, but Monster High dress up for birthdays and other special events (or just ‘cause) is hugely trendy right now! Plus, the creators of the franchise have worked plenty of puns into the Monster High universe to amuse the parents that have been roped into their daughters’ latest obsession.


Get inspired to create your own Monster High group costumes and family costumes with our quick guide to Monster High and Monster High dress-up:





Character Bio

Draculaura is the adopted daughter of Count Dracula himself, and is eagerly awaiting her sweet 1600th birthday (vampires are immortal, after all). Vampires are also known for their affinity for blood, but Draculaura has chosen the vegan lifestyle for herself, even tending her own vegetable garden. Even the sight of blood is enough to make her faint. Among Draculaura’s hobbies are fearleading and shopping, and she also loves to dress up her pet vampire bat, Count Fabulous, in cute and frilly pink outfits, much to his chagrin.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

Draculaura has a passion for the color pink, which is something that she always shows off in all of her outfits. Our Draculaura costume features her pink jacket with mesh sleeves and coordinating skirt. To accessorize like Draculaura, we recommend trying her official makeup kit. Black leggings and pink heeled boots are musts, too, and this wig is an easy way to get hair like hers without needing highlights. Pink light-up hair accessories also work out perfectly for getting this look.


Cleo de Nile


Character Bio

Cleo’s the student body queen at Monster High, which makes since given her royal background: her father is a former Egyptian pharaoh. Her sister Nefera is a few years older, but Cleo’s age is officially listed as “5,842 (give or take)” although that would significantly pre-date just about all Ancient Egyptian mummies on record. Of course, when it comes to a franchise about teenage daughters of classic movie monsters, we probably shouldn’t be nitpicking over historical accuracy. Cleo also owns a pet Egyptian cobra named Hissette, which may or may not be a great idea.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

Cleo’s outfit consists of mummy-like bandaging, naturally, with an Egyptian-inspired blue wrap top. Leggings and gloves patterned to look like linen strips are also included. These gold shoes are the perfect pair to pair with Cleo’s Egyptian style, and this golden snake bracelet looks just like a piece of ancient jewelry, fit for a queen. Fancy gold earrings and gold bangles work wonders for the look, and this Cleo de Nile wig also includes the character’s head band, laced with strands of gold as well.


Clawdeen Wolf


Character Bio

Clawdeen is a werewolf, and has the most siblings of any of the Monster High characters – her younger sister Howleen is just starting high school, her older sister Clawdia is an alum, and her brother Clawd is a star on the varsity casketball team. She’s best friends with Draculaura and loves being a part of the school’s Fear Squad, and her number one goal in life is to be a successful fashion designer in Scaris, the City of Frights.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

This Clawdeen costume featured her tiger print top, purple skirt, and matching belt and choker combo. Black boots with black and purple striped tights or leggings are a great way to accessorize this costume, and a true fashionista like Clawdeen wouldn’t be afraid to rock a feather boa, either. This Clawdeen Wolf wig includes her werewolf ears with earrings, and golden bracelets, rings, and pendants really complete the look well.


Frankie Stein


Character Bio        

Frankie Stein’s parents are Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride of Frankenstein, right out of the movies (which are explained away in Monster High canon as “just some silly old stories from the old days”). Thanks to her grandfather, Frankie’s best subjects in school are the natural sciences, and two of Frankie’s biggest hobbies are cooking and sewing. She likes sports, too, but she’s still a little clumsy when it comes to controlling her new body, which can cause her to lose arms and legs here and there.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

Our Frankie Stein costume includes her plaid dress with necktie, lightning bolt belt, and green “stitched” leggings and sleeves. You can also use makeup to draw on Frankie’s stitches and scar lines. Frankie definitely gets her sense of style from her mom when it comes to the hairdo, and this Frankie Stein wig is the easiest way to get those black and white stripes. For the shoes, start with a pair of wide black heels or Mary Janes, and add the white striping with paint or pieces of tape.


Spectra Vondergeist


Character Bio

Since Spectra and her family are all ghosts, nobody’s really sure how old she really is. Even her pet ferret, Rhuen, is a ghost. In one of the Monster High video games though, she’s said to have originally lived in the 1800s. Spectra loves to gossip, and runs the most-read blog among the Monster High student body, The Ghostly Gossip. Her sensational stories often get her into trouble with her peers, but she’s a kind monster who means well.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

This Spectra Vondergeist costume includes Spectra’s pink and black skirt, her belt, and her silver bracelet, and this purple wig is a perfect match for it. Black boots will work in a pinch, but Spectra really has a pair of hot pink boots that are wrapped in chains, Jacob Marley-style. To create your own version of the look, use some ball and chain props, or silver-painted Styrofoam balls and metal chains from your local craft store. You can even just spray paint some thrift shop high tops pink and add black laces for the shoes themselves. Accessorize the finished Spectra look with black earrings and a silver chain necklace.


Abbey Bominable


Character Bio

Abbey is a yeti, from the Himalayan Mountains (though she speaks with a Russian accent in the web series). Even though she sometimes shows an ice cold demeanor on the outside, she really does care about others, and despite her intimidating personality, has made plenty of friends at Monster High. Just like her father, the Abominable Snowman of legend, Abbey possesses the ability to control the cold as well as amazing strength, which makes her a great athlete.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

Abbey’s frozen and frigid appearance can be achieved with this costume, complete with faux fur arm warmers and leg warmers and a cute pink and blue dress with a cool crystalized pattern. White boots with sparkly white tights dress up the costume even further, and you can enhance the look even further with Abbey’s blue and purple-streaked wig. Any kind of white jewelry or snowflake jewelry will coordinate perfectly, as well.


Ghoulia Yelps


Character Bio

Ghoulia is a zombie, and even though that means she can only speak in traditional zombie-style groans and moans, all of the other students at Monster High can understand her perfectly. She’s also one of the smartest monsters at the school, with huge passions for science as well as reading. An avid comic fan, Ghoulia also writes a column for the school newspaper on Comic-Con Nekrocon.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

Ghoulia’s outfit includes red capri pants and cool, multi-layered patterned top. Fishnet sleeves, horn-rimmed “nerd glasses”, and a couple of extra thrift store belts are all great accessories that will go with the costume nicely. As for footwear, those classic black and white Chuck Taylors are perfect, and adding red laces will make them even better (Ghoulia wears some knee-high boot versions, but regular sneakers will work just fine for a Halloween costume).


Lagoona Blue


Character Bio

Lagoona is a sea monster and foreign exchange student hailing from the Great Barrier Reef, and is fittingly the captain of the school’s swim team (we’re pretty sure that other schools don’t even have a chance when it comes to swim meets). She’s always environmentally-minded, and she always has her pet piranha, Neptuna, at her side.

Fashion Facts and Costume Ideas

This Lagoona Blue costume includes Lagoona’s signature scale-patterned top, skirt, and leggings – the fish fins are already attached. Lagoona is also known for her flowery hair accessories, and this wig comes with them all, as well as the blue highlights. Use makeup to recreate Lagoona’s spots. We don’t recommend using a real fishbowl and a real fish to emulate the way Lagoona carries around Neptuna, but you can make an easy DIY costume prop out of a plastic fishbowl, some light blue or clear cellophane or plastic wrap to act as water, and a plush fish toy.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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