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Whether it’s time for trick or treat, a birthday party, or a just a fun dress-up day, costumes are all about imagination. If your little girl wants to be a princess, for example, not only are there dozens of Disney Princesses to choose from, there are tons of ways to use accessories and other items to make them special. Here are a few of our very favorite Disney Princesses, along with some easy ideas that you can use to customize each one and create a costume for your child that’s as unique as she is.

Cinderella Costume Ideas

Cinderella costume ideas and DIY accessories tips

The Cinderella story might just be the most magical princess fairy tale of all, and it’s definitely one of our favorites. Cinderella’s blue gown from the new Cinderella movie is a beautiful re-imagining of her dress from the classic Disney animated film, too. Click here to shop our entire collection of Cinderella costume styles for girls. Whichever look your little girl prefers, there are plenty of ways to make it unique with accessories.

These sparkling shoes might not be made of glass like Cinderella’s slippers, but they light up with every step for a magical appearance. Cinderella should never be without her tiara and princess gloves, either. Magic wands are always enchanting, but so are simpler items like dress-up jewelry. This diamond ring and string of pearls are perfect for any princess.

Princess Elsa Costume Ideas

Frozen Elsa DIY costume ideas and accessories

Elsa has been taking the world by storm (or perhaps by blizzard) since Disney’s Frozen came out a few years ago. Our new Elsa tutu costume might just be our favorite version of her dress yet – click here to take a look at all of the other Elsa costumes in Costume Express’ Disney Princess collection and judge for yourself. The costume itself includes a beautiful queenly crown and a sheer snowflake cape. White tights can be worn beneath to provide another layer of style (and warmth), and Elsa’s official shoes and wig can be added to supplement the look.

Matching alternate accessories to Elsa’s icy appearance is a cinch: just about anything that’s silver or has faux diamonds fits the bill. A few examples that we came up with are simple silver bangles, and chunky diamond bracelets. You can also search for self-adhesive, removable acrylic gems and rhinestones at your local craft store and use them to customize your child’s Elsa costume however she wishes.

Admittedly, that last tip comes from face paint and makeup stylist Elsa Rhae, who created this fantastic Elsa makeup and tutorial. Watch her video below to get a few ideas on finishing touches for your princess’ look. Also, since there’s no such thing as too much glitter (especially for Elsa), consider adding this sparkly makeup and nail polish into the mix.


Princess Anna Costume Ideas

Frozen Anna costume ideas and DIY accessories tips

Of course, Elsa isn’t the only fabulous Frozen princess. Her sister Anna, who just celebrated her birthday in Frozen Fever, is super popular, too. So are her costumes, whether it’s her purple traveling gown or green and gold coronation outfit. Both looks have plenty of amazing accessories to match, too. For the coronation gown, it’s only fitting to add Anna’s royal scepter and crown. These princess gloves, on the other hand, coordinate with her traveling gown.

That hat lends itself especially well to custom, DIY versions of Anna’s costume. For example, combine it with a long navy skirt, a light blue top, and a black vest or jacket for a “modernized” Anna costume that still looks like the movie. Any sort of black boots or shoes and a pair of fuzzy blue mittens are also the perfect accessories.

As for hair and makeup, double-braided pigtails are pretty simple, and this Anna wig can always be used in case a color adjustment is needed. Also, here’s another magical Frozen makeup tutorial with ideas on how to complete your daughter’s Anna imitation to a tee. Thanks to Bethany (iwanted2c1video on YouTube) for creating the video:

Sleeping Beauty Costume Ideas

Sleeping Beauty DIY costume ideas and accessories

This Sleeping Beauty costume looks just like the classic Disney film. Or, if she’s a fan of the newer Maleficent movie, click here to get Princess Aurora’s updated, modernized outfit. Special slippers and princess gloves can be added to the mix to make the perfect costume.

There’s plenty more to add on, too. How about a pink and fluffy feather boa? Sure, maybe Aurora never wore one, but that doesn’t mean your Sleeping Beauty can’t. Having fun is priority number one! This jeweled tiara is studded with a healthy dose of diamonds. This multi-colored crown is another option for either princess to wear to the ball. With accessories like that, you can even turn an ordinary pink skirt and top from the back of your daughter’s closet into a magical princess costume.


Little Mermaid Costume Ideas

Little Mermaid DIY costume ideas and accessories

There’s no better character than Ariel for princesses who prefer a life of luxury under the sea — you know how the song goes. Give yours the look with this Little Mermaid costume, which includes a glittery fishtail-inspired dress and matching headband. Don’t let the accessorizing stop there, though. This silver tiara, bejeweled with faux-violet and aquamarine gemstones, is perfect for Princess Ariel, as is this magical wand. Ariel’s red, royal hairstyle can be easily achieved with this Little Mermaid wig, and this pair of crystalline green Little Mermaid shoes ties the ensemble together. Sure, mermaids can’t exactly wear shoes, but anything is possible with dress-up!

To create your own version of a DIY Little Mermaid costume, look at items such as a seafoam or turquoise skirt coordinated with a lavender T-shirt or top. Flip-flops (or even bare feet) can be used in lieu of shoes. Use Little Mermaid accessories, like the ones we mentioned above, to complete the costume, or add some of your own flair to make it truly unique – may we suggest a boa of seaweed? Also, keep in mind that any sort of seashell or pearlescent jewelry pairs naturally well with a Little Mermaid costume theme. Ariel should never be without Sebastian, Flounder, and the rest of her sea-life friends, either.


Let Your Princess Create Her Own

We’ve discussed five of the most popular Disney Princesses, but your child may want come up with her own character. If that’s the case, we have more than enough costume accessories and shoes to fill every royal wardrobe. Once you’ve finished browsing and assembling a suitable stash of costume pieces, make the day about dressing up and spending time with your princess to create her very own fairytale magic. What’s the name of her kingdom? Is she a fancy princess, adorned with sparkly gems and jewels, who hosts tea parties and royal balls? Or, maybe she’s a warrior princess who bravely protects her people from bad guys. (Wonder Woman was a princess, too, you know.)

You can probably tell that we’re starting to get a little bit carried away, thinking of all the possibilities. Just think of what your princess’ imagination can dream up!


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Author: Walter Bloch

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