Girl Power! Getting the Best Superhero Look for your Daughter

Does your little girl want to be super? Now’s a better time than ever! Between The A-Force, Marvel Comics’ brand-new team of all-female Avengers, and DC Comics’ upcoming Wonder Woman feature film, girl superheroes are getting more and more time in the spotlight. They might not be infused with real superpowers, but superhero costumes make kids feel special nevertheless.

Here are a few of our favorite superhero costumes ideas for girls, complete with easy DIY tips to enhance and customize their look. Use them to help bring out the best in birthdays and playtime alike, or as part of a family ensemble of superhero group costumes for the ultimate Halloween experience.



Thor Costume Ideas


Thor has been a popular comic book superhero for a long time, but lots of kids have become recent fans because of Marvel’s Thor movies and Avengers movies, including the recently released Age of Ultron. Thor Odinson is played by the actor Chris Hemsworth in those, but Marvel also introduced a brand new Thor in 2014, and she is awesome. We won’t go too deep into the storyline here, but when the new Thor picks up the hammer Mjolnir, she is granted the Thor identity and the powers that come with it. Anything the old Thor could do, she can do better.

Likewise, there’s no reason our Thor costume isn’t suitable for girls to suit up with, too. Or, you can create a DIY Thor costume for your daughter with items you may already have. A lot of the look can be taken care of with black tights, black boots, a skirt, and a tank or tee. For her leather belts, aim to include silver studs or big buckles. It helps to have an authentic hammer, but her red cape can be just about any piece of fabric – why not see what’s on clearance at the craft store? If she doesn’t have blonde hair like the Goddess of Thunder herself, this Thor wig is perfect, no styling required.


Black Widow Costume Ideas


Speaking of the Avengers, Black Widow returned in the new Avengers movie, too, and she’s still the strongest member of the team when it comes to the martial arts. In her 1960s comic book debut, Natalia Romanova was actually a bad guy, always at odds with Iron Man, but eventually made the switch to the good side.

Our new Black Widow costume with matching gloves looks just like the outfit seen in Age of Ultron, but there are plenty of ways to enhance it, too. As with Thor, we do have a Black Widow wig for kids that looks the part, but a basic ponytail works for a fighter like Widow, too.

An easy way to create DIY, movie-style body armor and tactical gear similar to Black Widow’s is to use old elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards. Cut them into unique shapes, and a coat of spray paint will do the rest. Old backpacks lying around that have been outgrown (or simply aren’t “cool” enough anymore), are useful, too. Cut off the adjustable straps and plastic buckles, and, with a little bit of self-adhesive Velcro, you can fashion them into easy arm and leg holsters for all of Widow’s gear. Accessories like this children’s police utility belt can be modified and filled out with random junk drawer gadgets for the same effect. Also, since she’s a master of all forms of combat, any NERF gun or toy weapon that you happen to have makes a good costume accessory for Black Widow.


American Dream & Captain America Costume Ideas


With all of the popularity that Captain America has seen recently, including all the Avengers movies and the just-announced Captain America: Civil War, we bet that a lot of people have either forgotten about or never heard of Shannon Carter, a.k.a. American Dream. As a young girl, Shannon idolized Captain America and trained to be just like him. As an adult, with athleticism and fighting skills to rival any superhero, she joined The Avengers, and was given Captain America’s shield (not a duplicate or similar shield – the shield) as a sign of strength.

American Dream costumes and Captain America costumes for girls are easy to DIY, too. She wears a nearly identical costume to Captain America, so that’s definitely an option. Or, start with this girls’ Captain America costume and add accessories like red gloves, blue or red tights, the signature shield, and a blonde wig if necessary. You don’t even need a mask; check out this quick Captain America face paint tutorial for an easy alternative. It’s perfect for girls, and it works with adult costumes, too.


Wonder Woman Costume Ideas


Wonder Woman may not have been the first female superhero ever created, but she has been defending DC Comics’ universe as a member of the Justice League for several decades. As a result, she’s one of the most popular superheroes of all-time, and with an array of powers including flight, super strength, magical weapons, and a super-fast healing factor (even Superman doesn’t have that – score one for the girls!), she is also one of the strongest.

Of course, just as fashion has changed since the 1940s, so have Princess Diana’s costumes. So, we’ll be going over the basics of a couple of different styles of Wonder Woman costumes for girls – her gold crown is one constant that has stood the test of time, though.

The classic Wonder Woman costume has a couple key components: a red cape, a red top, and a blue skirt, all of which might already exist in your daughter’s closest. To get the full DIY look, pair with a yellow belt, red boots, and re-create Wonder Woman emblem (we suggest building the logo yourself out of washi tape or making a spray stencil). Wristbands or arm warmers can serve as Wonder Woman’s indestructible bracelets, and a yellow jump rope can be her Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman’s modern costume, by comparison, involves a lot more armor, which can be customized from plastic armor pieces or DIY’ed with the tips suggested above for Black Widow. She also wears tights or pants instead of a skirt.


What do you think of our DIY superhero costume ideas for girls? If you liked this post and want to see more costume ideas like these, then let us know what kind of costumes we should show off next. Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, and check us out on Pinterest for even more costume ideas.


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American Dream: Art by Ron Frenz and Brett Breeding

Wonder Woman: From Sensation Comics #1, art by Jon L. Blummer (top left); new Wonder Woman costume promotional poster, art by David Finch (bottom left)

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