Enchant Your Child with Fairy Dress-Up

Even if there’s no such thing as pixie dust, your daughter will find that all sorts of magic are possible when she dresses up with fairy costumes. Once your dress-up day starts, she’ll be swirling and twirling in her sparkly fairy costume all afternoon long. Here just a few dress-up themes and fairy costume ideas to get you and your child started on your own fantastic fairy adventure.

Fairy Costumes and Dress-Up Ideas


Fairy costumes come in all kinds and colors, which means that every little girl can find the perfect kind of fairy magic to let her imagination take flight. This fluttering butterfly fairy and this shining woodland sprite would look right at home in an enchanted forest, for example, but a trip to the park or even just the backyard can be just as mystical.

There are also plenty of famous fairy characters to play with, too. After all, the person behind Cinderella’s enchanting princess transformation was her fairy godmother. Even Barbie loves to dress up in fairy costumes, and this sparkling pink tutu proves it.


Tinker Bell Costume and Dress-Up Ideas


It’s impossible to talk about fairies without talking about Tinker Bell. The Pixie Hollow native has been around for more than 100 years, and she’s probably the best-known fairy of all time. Ever since the classic Disney film Peter Pan, Tinker Bell has practically been a mascot for the entire company. Her green fairy dress is as iconic as she is, and any little girl wanting to channel her inner fairy will love to wear it.

Tinker Bell has worn lots of modernized costumes through the years, too, like the one seen in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. To make any Tinker Bell costume extra magical, add special accessories like a magic wand or tiara. You can even use a few of these accessories, along with a pair of wings, to create a D.I.Y. Tinker Bell costume. Pair them with light green and other pastel articles of clothing to make a costume for your child that’s completely unique.


Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy


As we mentioned in our post about pirate costumes and dress-up ideas, Tinker Bell is no ordinary fairy. In Disney’s The Pirate Fairy, Tink and her friend Zarina play the roles of pixies-turned-pirates, and take on the legendary Captain Hook himself. They aren’t just magical, they’re mighty – even though the bad guys might be more than twice their size, the pirate fairies never back down.

Just as Tinker Bell and Zarina are the perfect combination of pirates and fairies, their costumes combine elements from both themes. Tink’s new look includes a layered green skirt, just like her classic Disney costume, paired with a crushed velvet top. The lacing and frills make it look just like a real pirate’s outfit, but with more pink. Zarina’s dress brings even more pirate style, with shimmering burgundy and purple satiny fabric and golden accents. Each has a signature pirate sword, and, of course, both fairies have matching pairs of shining, silver fairy wings.

You can also accessorize Tink and Zarina’s outfits with all sorts of glittering pirate treasure. After all, a pirate simply isn’t a pirate without gold. So, gold costume jewelry is definitely the way to go. This bracelet is made from faux gold coins, which is absolutely perfect. There’s also a belt and earrings to match. Speaking of earrings, gold hoop earrings are a pirate mainstay, and every pirate fairy also needs a purse for their plunder (or, for their fairy dust).


DIY Fairy Costume Ideas


If your child wants to imagine her own, original fairy character, then playing dress-up is the best way to do it. It’s super easy to turn just about anything into a fairy costume, too. All you need are wings! Click here to see our entire collection of costume wings for kids. Let your fairy choose her favorite color, be it blue, green, purple, or anything else, and pair with clothes and costumes that are already in her closet. Princess costumes left over from Halloween or a birthday party can emerge again, as part of her new fairy dress-up wardrobe.

Another quick combination of items that lends itself well to building instant fairy costumes (along with wings) are fluffy tulle tutus. Tutus are available in every color imaginable, from snowflake white to multicolored rainbow, and can let her become whichever type of fairy she wishes. A woodland fairy might wear green, and a frozen wintry fairy might prefer an icy blue.


Fairies need sparkly accessories, too. Magic wands are always needed to spread pixie dust, and she can shimmer from head to toe with tiaras and sequined shoes. There is only one rule when it comes to fairy dress-up: there must be glitter. Add more to any costume or accessory with spray adhesive or decoupage glue and a light dusting of glitter. Rhinestones, self-adhesive faux jewels, and acrylic flowers from the craft store are an easy way to add fairy magic to any outfit – simply affix with a dot of hot glue.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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