Cure Frozen Fever with Princess Dress-Up!

Whether it’s winter or summer, Disney’s Frozen is always in season. Elsa and Anna, the stars of the 2013 feature film as well the animated short, Frozen Fever, are already two of the most popular Disney Princesses of all time. Plus, with Frozen 2 on the way, the Frozen craze is only going to grow.

If your daughter loves Anna and Elsa too, then dressing up with Frozen costumes is the best way to let her really transform into her favorite princess. Today, we’re talking about the outfits that the princess sisters wore in Frozen Fever, and how you can get the look for yours.

Frozen Fever Costumes

These official costume designs are taken right from the Frozen Fever animated short, which means your little girl is guaranteed to have the most authentic princess look around. We’ll also show off some easy, quick tips to customize them to her liking, so keep on scrolling to learn more.

Elsa Costume

Elsa costume Frozen Fever

Everyone’s favorite princess of ice and snow has embraced the warmth of the summer months with a new look. Elsa’s shimmering, snowflake blue gown has been replaced with a new dress in a beautiful spring shade of emerald green. The matching translucent cape has also been redesigned to reflect feelings of spring and summer in the air, with ombre forest-green tree and flower patterns growing upwards from the bottom. Of course, since Elsa is still the Snow Queen even in the off-season, all of her flowers have six petals, just as snowflakes have six sides.

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Anna Costume

Anna costume Frozen Fever

Just like her sister, Princess Anna had a brand new costume in Frozen Fever, too. It’s a similar style, in some ways, to her original traveling gown from the first Frozen movie, but with a new floral motif. A row of golden sunflowers decorate the bottom of the skirt, and a similar pattern adorns a spring-green vest top. The dress itself consists of a flowing, sky-blue skirt, met at the top with a gold-banded, rich cerulean bodice, and Anna’s red-jeweled brooch ties the entire look together.

To learn more about classic Anna costumes, as well as get DIY tips and ideas for accessories and makeup, click here.


Frozen Accessories and DIY Costume Ideas

So, your little girl has her heart set on being her favorite Frozen Fever princess. Where do you go from there to make her costume even more special? Well, green is definitely the go-to color for accessorizing these princess costumes. With just a few basic items, it’s easy to turn any dress-up outfit into something totally unique.

frozen fever accessories and diy ideas

First of all, these sparkly ballet flats are simply the perfect shoes to match either Elsa’s or Anna’s Frozen Fever gowns. Not only is the color spectacular, but they have more than enough shine and shimmer for any princess. The same goes for these glittering lime green tights.

Look for faux gemstones in shades of green and gold at your local craft store and affix them to tiaras, necklaces, and other pieces of costume jewelry, as your princess sees fit. Diamonds are always lovely, but jewels like peridot and citrine are commonly associated with spring and summer, so they’re good fits, too. With a little bit of hot glue, anything is possible.


Frozen Hair Tutorials and Hair Accessories

Elsa and Anna Frozen wigs are definitely the easiest way to give your daughter the perfect Frozen look, but it can also be just as easy to recreate the princess’ hair in real life, even if you aren’t a master stylist.

Frozen Fever hairstyles and accessories

Disney’s official Frozen hairstyles book includes complete step-by-step, illustrated instructions and styling tips for more than two dozen different hairstyles from Frozen. Everything from Elsa’s signature side Dutch braid to Anna’s double pigtails, and more, are included. As a bonus, click here to check out an Elsa hair tutorial from our friends at and YouTuber Elsa Rhae. Your little princess will be looking royal and regal in no time!

There are even more ways to dress up her hair in true Frozen Fever style. Since Anna’s and Elsa’s costumes are both green, add a little color – not with dye, but with accessories. These green, tinsel-like shimmer strands can be worked and woven into any hairstyle to give it a magical, glimmering appearance. This fiber optic hair accessory is along the same lines, but it actually lights up. Each filament is a different length, and can be hidden within locks of hair or shown on the surface for a totally customizable look. These lime green curly hair combs can also be added to any hairstyle to give it a little color.


Make Your Own Frozen Fairy Princess Mashup Dress-Up

Since Frozen Fever is all about the magic of the warmer seasons, why not add a little extra spring and summer spirit into the mix? Fairy wings are a great add-on to any princess dress-up, because the two themes complement each other so well. Besides, letting your child craft and create their own characters and costumes is the best part of playing dress-up. It’s all about imagination!

Fairy wings and costume wings for kids


For these fairy princess costumes, we recommend fairy costume wings like these. Since this particular pair is made of glimmering green mesh, it suits Elsa’s and Anna’s new dresses just as well as it suits a woodland sprite. This pair of purple butterfly wings glows in the dark for an enchanting appearance, and these pink wings are sure to be adored by any fairy princess. Both are excellent choices, and this blue fairy wing and wand accessory set can be used to create the ultimate Frozen fairy mashup with one of Elsa’s original costumes.


Does your little girl love Frozen as much as we do? What kind of costume ideas for kids should we show off next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then share your thoughts with us on Facebook and on Twitter @CostumeExpress. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for more costume ideas and tips, too.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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