Cinderella Costumes

The story of Disney’s newer Cinderella movie follows the plot of the classic 1950 animated film pretty closely, but the differences and twists along way mean that kids and grown-ups alike can experience the Cinderella story for the first time.

Likewise, princesses of all ages can enjoy Cinderella’s new gown. It looks absolutely gorgeous – and we’ve gotten our hands on the newest Cinderella costumes, too. They’re the official looks from the movie, with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. Give a special princess in your life the most magical princess birthday party ever, or stash these costumes away for Halloween.

Here’s a quick look at all of our new Cinderella costumes, available to order right now on Costume Express.



Cinderella Costumes



When the new Cinderella movie was announced, everyone talked about the new ball gown Lily James would wear onscreen, and Disney did not disappoint with the design. The flowing blue dress is a little less elaborate than the version from the original animated film, but it’s a faithful re-imagining that’s every bit as beautiful.

This entire costume has a semi-metallic look to it, which shines and shimmers in the light – the multi-layered skirt has extra sparkles in the fabric itself to create a glittering ensemble all the way around. Details from the movie, like the butterfly accents on the shoulders and bodice, make for excellent finishing touches that really make this costume something to behold. The adult version of our new Cinderella costume is equally elegant, and is perfect for all the big kids among us.

The blue gown isn’t Cinderella’s only costume in the new movie though. She also wears this amazing wedding dress. Pearlescent, ombre tones wrap around the entire thing, head to toe, complete with adorable floral accents. Sheer, lace-like sleeves and sparkly gold shoes tie the look together.

We can’t forget about Cinderella’s fairy godmother, either. After all, she’s the one responsible for bringing the princess magic to Cinderella, and this fairy godmother costume will bring the magic to your Cinderella, too. Complete with detachable fairy wings, this shimmering dress features delicate, lace-like brocade patterning and glittery tulle overlays that sparkle in the light. Pair with silver ballerina shoes for the perfect finishing touch.


Glass Slippers


Speaking of shoes, every Cinderella story needs glass slippers! These special shoes are the most important symbol of the Cinderella story that’s carried over through all the different versions, and Prince Charming never would have been able to find her without them. Click here to check out some of the concept sketches for the glass slipper in the new Cinderella movie, from designers like Jimmy Choo and Nicholas Kirkwood.

These princess shoes are perfect for any little girl that wants to be Cinderella. Naturally, they’re not really made of real glass, but they look just like the real thing. Lucite, plastic, and rhinestones can be just as magical with a little imagination! Don’t worry mom, there’s a size for you, too. For a little extra magic, here’s a pair of Cinderella shoes that light up with every step.


Cinderella Hair and Accessories


Naturally, the glass slippers are what really make a Cinderella costume a Cinderella costume, but there are other princess accessories that are just as important. Every reigning princess needs a royal tiara, right? Here’s a flower tiara and ring set just like Cinderella’s. Luxurious princess gloves like this bring even more fanciful fun to the whole ensemble.

To recreate even more magic from the movie, try out the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand and combs. They worked for Cinderella! They’re also 100% guaranteed not to evaporate the midnight after you take them out of the packaging.

As for the Cinderella hairstyle, there’s no need to scour the web for a Cinderella hair tutorial, or spend hours trying to perfect the look yourself. This official Disney Cinderella wig is 100% accurate to the movie and will transform your little girl into her favorite princess in seconds!


Cinderella Costumes for Adults


Of course, moms can be (and deserve to be) princesses, too! All of these adult Cinderella costumes make for great family and group costumes, or trick-or-treat pairing with littler princesses. For example, mom can be the fairy godmother to her daughter’s Cinderella, or vice-versa. Sisters can also dress up as Anastasia and Drisella, Cinderella’s stepsisters, or as Lady Tremaine, her step-mother.


More Cinderella and Disney Princess Costumes


Cinderella’s the new thing right now, but that doesn’t make the rest of the Disney Princesses any less enchanting. For example, Frozen Fever was released in theaters right alongside Cinderella, and a full Frozen sequel (tentatively titled, simply, “Frozen 2”) has been announced, too. Browse our entire selection of Frozen costumes, or click here to learn more about Frozen costume ideas for kids if your daughter has her heart set on being Elsa or Anna.

Also, the classics are the classics for a reason. Cinderella’s dress from the original Disney movie is still as amazing as ever, and there are plenty more Disney Princesses to choose from, too. To be exact, there are actually 13 official Disney Princesses, included the ones we’ve already mentioned. From Snow White, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty to Mulan, Jasmine, and Rapunzel, every little girl can choose her favorite!


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Click here to view the entire collection of Cinderella costumes on Costume Express.

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