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If you or your daughter wants to dress up like Anna from Frozen for Halloween, here’s how you can make the costume even better! Thanks to Bethany for her great tutorial.

You can view the rest of Bethany’s work on her YouTube channel. Shop Frozen costumes here.

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Why hello there everybody in this tutorial I will show you how to recreate this super easy Anna from Frozen look. It’s perfect for both adults and children I don’t condone children wearing makeup everyday but for Halloween I think it’s totally fine. I recruited my best friend’s daughter for this tutorial and she’s wearing Disney’s Frozen Deluxe Anna Toddler Costume from I teamed up with BuyCostumes to put out a tutorial every day this week for you guys from Monday through Friday. This is my second to last tutorial so please make sure you check out the other tutorials and look in the description box for a link to BuyCostumes. Now let’s begin this tutorial.

The first thing I did was apply a little bit of tinted moisturizer to Leah’s skin because I was going to be photographing it. And I also covered up the little scars that she had from like falling down. Of course you do not have to apply this to a child’s skin. It’s a one day thing she knows you know she can’t go out every single day with a full face of makeup.

And now the next thing I did was apply a medium brown eyeshadow into her crease and blended it up to the brow bone. This will define the crease and make the eyes appear bigger. Lighter colors demand attention from her eyes and darker colors push things away from the eye. So the brown shadow is going to push the crease back allowing your eyelid and the color we’re going to be applying around the tear duct to release the color. Around the tear duct I blended a very shimmery whitish, pink eyeshadow. The shimmer and light color will help the eyes sparkle.

Now to define the lashes I used a gel liner to line the lash line. I didn’t apply a lot because she is so young I applied a little bit of it and then slightly faded it out. And then I applied plenty of mascara to her upper lashes. So whenever you are doing makeup on someone its best to tell them to look down at the ground this way they don’t see the mascara wand coming toward their eyes and then they freaking out. So you can see I am applying it to a very little girl and she’s not freaking out.

I used an eyeshadow that is similar to Anna’s hair color to fill in the brows now you don’t have to do this especially on a little child if you don’t want to but I did it because I wanted to bring out the red tones to Leah’s hair.

Now you want to smile as big as you can and apply a Rosie Pink Blush to the apples of your cheeks you’re going to blend that all the way up into the top of your cheekbones and along the tip of your nose and this is going to give you that Rosie frost bitten kind of look in Frozen like on Anna.

To create the freckles I mixed Wolfs Brown and Ivory Face Paints together. Ivory is kind of like a skin tone color and I just painted a bunch of freckles all over the cheeks and over the nose. You want a lot of freckles Anna has a lot of freckles I made my freckles a little bit bigger than usual just because I wanted the m to photograph. You can even use a Eyeliner or Brow pencil to do this. Eyeshadow can be used as well there’s lots of products you can use to create freckles.

After that, I used a lip liner to outline and fill in Leah’s lips. Lip liner helps your lipstick last longer, so if you plan on dressing up as Anna, you don’t want to skip this step. Then I top the lips off with a pink lipstick. Both the liner and lipstick should be a rosy pink color like the blush you applied

So, that’s it for the tutorial. It’s very easy and I had a blast doing it on Leah. It makes a kid so happy! So please give the video a thumbs up if you like – especially for Leah, I want her to see lots of thumbs up, and of course I like them too! And check out and I will see you guys tomorrow with my last tutorial for BuyCostumes. Take care, bye!


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