Feel the Force with Star Wars VII Costumes for Kids!

There has been an awakening … Have you felt it?

That line was one of the most memorable parts of the debut trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens that was released in late 2014.  Now that the newest movie in the Star Wars saga is officially here, it’s time to feel the force!

Maybe you grew up with the original trilogy of Star Wars movies, or even with the three prequel films that came later.  Your children might already be fans of the series, thanks to those installments, as well as cartoons and TV shows like Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars. But now it’s their generation’s turn to embark on their own, epic Star Wars adventure.

Since we’re just as big of Star Wars superfans as anybody, we’re here to help you awaken that inner Star Wars fandom in your young Padawans. Each of these Star Wars VII costume ideas comes right out of the new movie and is guaranteed to make their eyes light up. Stash these Star Wars costumes away for future Halloween ideas, or use them to make your child’s Star Wars themed birthday party even more extra-special.

Rey Costume Ideas


Sometimes heroes come from the unlikeliest of places. In Episode IV, Luke began his story as part of a lowly farming family on a remote desert planet. In Episode I, Anakin began his story as a lowly servant on a remote desert planet. In Episode VII, Rey begins her story as a lowly junk scavenger on a a remote desert planet.

Now, if that doesn’t suggest that Rey is going to be one of the greatest Star Wars heroes of all time, we don’t know what does. Not only is she a strong and brave fighter, but she’s smart, too. Growing up on Jakku has given her the ability to be cunning, crafty, and creative. She’s made almost all of her gear herself, too – Rey’s mask is part of a salvaged Stormtrooper helmet, her staff comes from spare parts, and her outfit is custom made to keep sand and sun off.

If your daughter is a young Star Wars or sci-fi fan, then letting her get into Rey’s character is the perfect costume idea. She’s the absolute embodiment of girl power.


Captain Phasma Costume Ideas


Of course, nobody ever said that girl power was reserved for the good guys, either.

Captain Phasma is an officer of the villainous First Order – the main group in Star Wars VII that’s trying to take over the galaxy in the name of the dark side. She’s an extremely powerful warrior and leader, and if that’s not enough, she has hundreds of Stormtroopers at her command.

Her costume is absolutely amazing, too. It’s similar in form to Stormtrooper armor, but with a chrome silver finish. Our Captain Phasma costume for girls captures the look from the movie brilliantly, from the armor itself, to the black and red cape on her back, to the shiny, imposing helmet on her head. If your daughter loves characters that can really kick butt, she’s going to love dressing up like Phasma.


Finn Costume Ideas


Finn is the unmasked Stormtrooper that we’ve seen in all the Star Wars trailers, and just like Rey, is one of the heroes in Star Wars Episode VII – proof that even the dark side can have some light in it.

After meeting up with Rey, he joins the Resistance, the group that’s fighting for good against the First Order. Armed with his trusty blaster (and stylish jacket), he’ll stop at nothing until justice is served.


Kylo Ren Costume Ideas


The dark side has a new face of fear, and his name is Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren is part of the Knights of Ren, a faction of Sith warriors that works for Captain Phasma and the First Order. He’s also been one of the most talked about new Star Wars characters, thanks to his ultra-cool broadsword lightsaber design. We can’t imagine that being anything other than extremely dangerous to use — running with scissors, turned up to 11. Fortunately, our Kylo Ren lightsaber is completely safe for kids to play with, and it still looks like the real thing.

The rest of this costume is every bit as authentic as the lightsaber is, as well. Kylo Ren’s hood and flowing black robe are definitely an imposing look, fit for any villain. His helmet might even be better than Phasma’s, too. Our deluxe design has all the exact details from the movie, right down to the littlest textures and lines. Finish off this costume with black gloves, boots, and pants.


Stormtrooper and Flametrooper Costume Ideas


They’re back, and they’ve brought new friends this time.

Much like all the Star Wars baddies of the past films, the First Order makes use of Stormtrooper soldiers to do their bidding – and, like always, they wear those classic white helmets and armor into battle. In Episode VII, though, there’s a new type of Stormtrooper, and it’s one of the coolest ever. They’re called Flametroopers, and as their name implies, they favor flamethrowers to Stormtrooper blasters.

Each of these varieties of Stormtrooper costumes for kids is totally authentic to the film, and make great pieces to a family Star Wars costume. How cute would it be for mom and dad to dress up like Phasma and Kylo, with a family full of Stormtroopers in tow? Of course, they’re just as great on their own for trick-or-treating, too. Our deluxe, full-face Stormtrooper and Flametrooper helmets completely enclose their wearers’ heads, and completely transform your child into their favorite Stars Wars villain. Other awesome accessories, like the Flametroopers’ flamethrower, put the look over the top.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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