Easy Minecraft Costume Ideas

Ever since it came out, Minecraft has been one of the most popular video games in the world. Even in its unfinished alpha and beta versions, millions of people were playing it and streaming it on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

It’s a huge hit with kids, too, and if the world of Minecraft has entered your household, you’re probably well aware that life-size LEGO bricks and monsters are an addicting combination.

There’s no better way to bring the creative, imaginative adventure into the real world than by dressing up with Minecraft costumes. Here are a few easy Minecraft costume ideas that are as much fun for all ages as the game itself.

Minecraft Masks

These official Minecraft masks look just the characters (and creatures) from the game, and it’s super easy to build each one into a great-looking, full-on costume with a few simple items.


minecraft-steve-head-mask 2

Steve is the silent hero of every Minecraft adventure, and this Steve mask really captures his chiseled good looks. Complete a Steve costume with ordinary blue jeans and a teal or aqua-colored top.


minecraft-creeper-head-mask 2

Combine the Creeper mask with all-green clothing or a green camouflage pattern to mimic the Creeper’s look. This Creeper hoodie is actually perfect for job – if you zip the hood completely up, it even turns into a mask of its own, too. Colored paper squares or tape can help create the “pixelated” appearance as well.



Finally, there’s the Enderman. These guys are normally friendly, but you make eye contact with one on your adventure, they’ll come after you, and they won’t stop. Use a black, long-sleeved T-shirt and black pants with this Enderman mask to complete this costume. For added touches, lengthen your child’s arms with extra pieces of black fabric, and make an Ender Pearl costume prop with a Styrofoam ball from the craft store and glossy, greenish-blue spray paint.


 “Crafting” Homemade Minecraft Costumes

If you have a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and some duct tape, you have everything you need to make your own D.I.Y. Minecraft costumes and costume props. It’s just like loading up a new texture pack, but in real life.

With a square box, you can create a custom Minecraft head of your own design. With additional cardboard pieces and panels, you can even make a head-to-toe Minecraft costume (just keep mobility, or the lack thereof, in mind). Help your child design his or her own character, or let them re-make their actual in-game avatar.

All of the other Minecraft mobs and monsters are fair game, too. Here are just a few of them, which could make great Halloween costumes:

minecraft-mobsMojang AB


Ssssss…BOOM! Creepers’ explosive nature have made them one of the most iconic video game monsters in recent years. We mentioned Creeper masks above, but a Creeper beanie hat can also be paired with green or camo clothing for a quick and easy Creeper costume.


Minecraft Zombies look just like Steve, only deader. Create this costume with a green box head, a teal or blue T-shirt, and a pair of blue jeans.


In Minecraft, Skeletons come out at night or in caves to attack the player with arrows. Fun fact: when you play the game on Halloween, they’ll sometimes show up with jack-o’-lanterns on their heads. Create this costume with a white box head (or a black one for the spookier Wither Skeletons), and a skeleton costume.

The Wither

Withers are one of the few boss monsters in Minecraft, and they can be summoned in the game by placing three Wither Skeleton skulls on top of a special symbol made from Soul Sand. Create this costume with three black box heads, secured side-by-side, and all-black clothing.



Decorating your Minecraft Costumes

To create a pixelated design on your homemade Minecraft costume, one easy way to go about it is to use colored tape. Overlap, combine, and stick together different colors of strips and squares to get the look that you want.

You can also trace a grid pattern onto your costume with a square stencil and fill in the colors with paint or markers. The easiest and best way to make a square stencil is by cutting a square out of graph paper. If you don’t have any graph paper handy, Print Free Graph Paper is a website that does just what it sounds like it does.



DIY Minecraft Weapons

diamond-toolsMojang AB

This grid-making method works especially well for making your own Minecraft pickaxes and swords. In the game, these items are made out of a 16-by-16 grid of pixels, and you can get the pattern just by looking at an image (there are plenty on the Minecraft Wiki). Trace your pixels onto some cardboard or foam board, cut it with sharp scissors or a craft knife, and paint or color it accordingly.

We recommend using one-inch by one-inch “pixels” for your homemade Minecraft weapons. Those dimensions will result in a sword that’s a little less than two feet from hilt to tip, for example, since they’re arranged diagonally. Every half-inch that you add to the length and width of each pixel results in a finished item that’s about one more foot in length.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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