Using Costumes to Make Birthday Parties More Fun

Trick or treat isn’t the only time of year for costumes! In fact, every day of the year is great for dressing up – especially birthdays. Recently, Birthday Express launched a new series of photo booth kits that are great for creating fun and funny photo ops at parties. So, in this post, we’ll be taking a look at a few of our favorite costume themes that can make them even better.

Pirate Costumes for Kids

Birthday Express’ pirate photo booth props are perfect for any little pirate celebrating their birthday, and they go great with pirate party supplies (of which Birthday Express also has more than plenty).

Some simple accessories are included, but to really make it a special day, nothing does the trick quite like pirate costumes. Here are a few of our favorites that the kids are sure to love, too.

Boys Pirate Costumes


Avast, me hearties! These pirate costumes are all about the quest for plunder, whether that means trick or treat candy on Halloween or a big stack of birthday presents. This pirate costume for boys is definitely fit for the open sea and comes complete with full-length royal blue coat and realistic pirate hat (you can never have too many pirate hats, honestly).

Brutish buccaneers may also appreciate the classic pirate costume, striped pants and all. Or, let them emulate Captain Jack Sparrow with this costume inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.

Girls Pirate Costumes


Of course, there’s no reason that girls can’t be pirate captains, too – ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3?  (Fun fact, At World’s End and On Stranger Tides are the two highest-budget movies ever made, but that’s getting off-topic.)

This pink pirate costume is perfect for girls that can’t decide between pirate and princess – why not both? It’s glamorous enough to make a Disney princess jealous, but also has a few requisite skull-and-crossbones embellishments for the true swashbuckler at heart. For a more “traditional look,” this girls pirate costume fits the bill with striped tights and faux leather vest, and it also makes a great Halloween costume for teens. The blue pirate girl costume is nice mix of both worlds: fanciful, period-inspired attire that doesn’t compromise any pirate flair.

Click here to view pirate photo booth props on Birthday Express.

Click here to view our collection of pirate costumes for kids on Costume Express.


Princess Costumes


For birthday parties, Halloween, or just playing dress-up, princess costumes are always a huge hit. Birthday Express’ princess photo booth props include plenty of princess accessories, from tiaras to necklaces and fancy gloves, but here are our suggestions for popular princess costumes that will make any little girl’s birthday party even more special.

As we said, princesses are always popular – and Frozen is as popular as ever! Elsa and Anna are sure to make the VIP list at any affair, royal or not.

By the way, the new Frozen Fever short is going to be shown along with the new Cinderella® movie starting March 13, if you haven’t already heard, and this official Cinderella costume featuring the brand new look is available for pre-order right now. Check out the whole collection here to explore more Disney Princess costumes.

Click here to view princess photo booth props on Birthday Express.

Click here to view our collection of princess costumes for kids on Costume Express.


Superhero Costumes for Kids

What child wouldn’t want to be a superhero? With Birthday Express’ help, your superheroes-in-training can pose for some photos against a cool comic book backdrop, but they’ll still need a secret superhero persona to make it official. So, here are our top superhero costume ideas:

Boys Superhero Costumes



Swoop in over the party with Superman costumes, or emerge from the shadows as The Dark Knight, Batman. You can also let a new group of Avengers assemble with Avengers costumes for kids! Check out these new Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man costumes from The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The newest member of the team, Hawkeye, is here too, and so is Tony Stark’s Hulk Buster armor.

Girls Superhero Costumes


Keeping with the Avengers costume theme, Black Widow’s new look from the upcoming Age of Ultron movie is available now! This Captain America costume for girls has a cute tutu redesign, just like Spider-Girl and Batgirl.

No female superhero can compare with Wonder Woman, though. She’s an original member of the Justice League, and Wonder Woman costumes are huge. Supergirl costumes are every bit as popular as her cousin Superman, too. Plus, just to prove the strength of Girl Power, Supergirl was shown to perform feats of strength even more impressive than Superman when she first came to Earth in the Supergirl comics. Take that, Kal-El.

Click here to view superhero photo booth props on Birthday Express.

Click here to view our collection of superhero costumes for kids on Costume Express.


Dr. Seuss Costumes


Since March is National Reading Month – inspired by the birthday of Dr. Seuss himself – we couldn’t ignore Dr. Seuss costumes!

Cat in the Hat hats are a must-have for this costume theme! The Cat is just about everyone’s favorite Seuss character of all time – this headband is a fun alternative, too. Of course, full Cat in the Hat costumes and accessories are always available. Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes for kids are a little more fitting for fun and mischief, though, which might just give them the edge if you’re planning a birthday party!

Click here to view our collection of Dr. Seuss costumes on Costume Express.


What do you think of the idea of costumes and dressing up for kids’ birthday parties? What kind of costume ideas should we show off next? If you want to see more posts like this one, then let us know your thoughts on Twitter and our new Facebook page! Check out our Pinterest boards for even more costume ideas for kids, too.



Author: Walter Bloch

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