Talent Show Costumes & Neighborhood Carnivals

Looking for some summer activities to do with your kids? They won’t have to go back to school for a while yet, so make the most of their time at home! Organizing community talent shows and neighborhood carnivals are two great ways to have some summer family fun without needing an excuse. To give you the best party tips possible, we asked party expert Jen Dixon of Craft That Party for input – we provided the costumes, and she provided the party!

Block parties are better in costume, especially if kids are involved. Keep on reading to see our ideas and get inspired!

carnival costumes 1

Step right up! Carnival goers prepared for the festivities to come by helping themselves to snow cones and other snacks. Decorations from Birthday Express helped to complete the carnival atmosphere: this strongman was ready for photo ops, and this lemonade stand and ticket booth were open for business.

carnival costumes 2

Armed with a shiny silver prop microphone, our talent show’s emcee was all set to start things off. Performers made some last-minute adjustments to their costumes before heading out on stage.

carnival costumes 3

Smaller children took a moment to regroup. This cuddly lion practiced jumping through hoops with her lion tamer friend, and these fairies rehearsed their skit one more time. Meanwhile, this medieval knight was ready to put on a stunning display of swordsmanship and evil-slaying skills.

carnival costumes 4

This master fortune teller was able to predict everyone’s future with her trusty crystal ball. Her costume made her really look the part, and made her prophecies even more convincing. Use lots of faux gold jewelry to get the look, such as a bunch of gold bangles or this Gypsy jewelry set.

carnival costumes 5

Our clown couldn’t stop clowning around, but we suppose he was just doing his job. The selection of clown costumes on CostumeExpress.com includes boys’, girls’, and toddlers’ varieties. There are plenty of sizes suitable for mom and dad too, so ladies and gentlemen as well as children of all ages can join the circus.

carnival costumes 6

It certainly never hurts to have a bunch of extra clown noses on hand, either. That way, it’s easy for everyone to get involved with the fun! Plus, in a pinch, they can double as equipment for ball toss carnival games.

carnival costumes 7

Buzz Lightyear was more than content to hang out on this tire swing the whole time. It wasn’t quite fast enough to let him travel to infinity and beyond, but he had fun anyway.

What do you think of our summer costume party ideas for kids? Have you ever participated in a neighborhood carnival or talent show before? Let us know your thoughts and share your stories with us on Twitter @CostumeExpress! Be sure to take a look at our Pinterest boards for even more costume ideas and inspiration, too.

Costume styling and photography in this post by Jen Dixon & Allison Duda. For more images of this party, visit Craft That Party.

Author: Walter Bloch

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