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Today, we’re bringing you a special post from our friend Pamela King of the Still Dating my Spouse blog – click here to check out her site.

Last month, Pamela organized a Dr. Seuss party for her granddaughter’s daycare, complete with Dr. Seuss costumes, Dr. Seuss snacks, and (of course) everyone’s favorite Seuss stories, too. She shared the experience with us, and we just can’t help but share it again now! Aside from daycare or classroom parties, all of these ideas are also excellent for planning kids’ birthday parties, or just for having a fun dress-up day at home. Here’s Pamela’s story about the party!



We have a 3-year-old grandbaby, and she recently started daycare. She’s definitely enjoying it a lot, but I’ve been having some serious 3-year-old withdrawals! It turns out, her daycare class decided to have a birthday party for Dr. Seuss, whose birthday is March 2.


It’s been eons since I’ve had the joy of planning daycare parties for my children – our youngest is 22 – but I’m back! The husband and I volunteered to help plan the party. It’s been so long, that I went a little overboard Googling and searching Pinterest for different Dr. Seuss party ideas, but taking care of the costumes was easy. We got a Dr. Seuss accessory kit and a Thing 1 or Thing 2 costume from CostumeExpress.com, sister site of BirthdayExpress.com (where were these sites 25 years ago when we had our first child?).


I knew Costume Express would be my go to place for the costumes due to ordering from them before and because they have all your family-friendly dress-up needs.  Unfortunately, the 3-year-old wasn’t allowed to wear costumes at school during the Hats off to Reading party, but they still have plenty of amazing costumes for kids!

The two of us arrived at the daycare in costume and read to all of the kids. Of course, as Thing 1, I got be a little bit mischievous and silly as Dr. Seuss (the husband) read. The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish… getting to dress up for the kids and read to the kids was exciting!

Oh, but what else do you do for a bunch of 3-year-olds to celebrate Dr. Seuss? I was thinking that something fun and colorful would definitely keep their attention for the party itself. Dr. Seuss party decorations were easy enough: we just used some red, yellow, and blue plates. Giant Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Stickers from Costume Express were used as decorations as well.

I also made these fun snacks and Dr. Seuss goodies for the party. Each one represents a different Dr. Seuss story!


Green Eggs & Ham – These are just like Dr. Seuss-themed, chocolate-covered pretzels! Square pretzels are the “ham,” and a little bit of melted white chocolate or vanilla cake frosting with a green chocolate candy makes the egg.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – Red Swedish Fish gummy candies in small portions of blue Jell-O. Make the Jell-O like you usually would, but inset the candies when the Jell-O is still only halfway-set.

The Lorax – These Lorax cookies turned out so cute! Just decorate some Nutter Butter cookies with some yellow decorating frosting to make the mustache, and add some white and black icing for the eyes.

The Cat in the Hat – Separate a few Oreo cookies so that you have some that are just one wafer and the crème filling, without the top wafer. Red Life Saver gummies make the red stripes of the hat, and marshmallow spread or white icing can be used for the white stripes.


What do you think of these Dr. Seuss dress up and party planning ideas? What’s your favorite craft or DIY activity that you would bring out for a celebration like this? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Visit our new Facebook page or find us on Twitter @CostumeExpress to tell us what you think. Check out our Pinterest boards for even more ideas, too.



Click here to browse all Dr. Seuss costumes on Costume Express.



Author: Walter Bloch

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