Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

Looking for a costume for your hero in a half-shell? TMNT is one of our favorite series of all-time, and it’s still massively popular among all ages. So, today we’ll be talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes that everyone can enjoy. Keep on reading to learn more!

TMNT Costumes for Kids


The Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles TV show might look a little different than the TMNT cartoons of the past, but the Turtles are every bit as awesome as they’ve always been (even if they don’t say “Cowabunga!” anymore). Ever since the show got its start in 2012, a whole new generation of kids has been introduced to the world of Turtle Power.

These costumes capture that power and bring it right to your child’s fingertips! Attention to detail includes molded masks and chest pieces that combine with full-body costumes for a realistic appearance – well, as realistic as a cartoon can get, anyway. Each of the four Turtles comes complete with their own distinct headband and proper shade of green, and kids that are “too cool” for trick-or-treating might still be fans of these TMNT hoodies, as well.


TMNT Movie Costumes

These looks are right out of last year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which got a lot of attention for the huge visual overhaul that the Turtles got. Instead of a fun, cartoony appearance, the Turtles were re-done to look more like humanoid aliens. The movie costumes to match that futuristic style are more detailed, too. Each mask is sculpted with additional details and the costumes themselves are printed with more armor-like designs.


TMNT Costumes for Girls


TV news reporter/computer programmer/corporate personal assistant April O’Neil (yes, she really has been all of those things in one TMNT series or another) has always been close friends with the Turtles. Lots of times, she’s one of the few allies they can count on above ground. Let’s be honest, though, the yellow jumpsuit has gone a little bit out of style since the 80s. Besides, we guarantee that girls want to dress up like their favorite Turtles, anyway. Who wouldn’t?

We already talked about our TMNT kids’ costumes above, and they’re all unisex. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dresses are great for girls, though. The full mask is replaced by a simple single band, and the costume itself features a green tulle tutu, resulting in the perfect combination of superhero strength and princess fashion – the ultimate in girl power!


TMNT Costumes for Adults


We’ve got your backs, mom and dad. And we’re going to put big, fake turtle shells on them.

As a bunch of big kids ourselves, we understand that inner children may get a little (just a little!) envious of literal children from time to time. Fortunately, each one of our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes comes in varieties fit for adults, and TMNT makes a great theme for family costumes. Group costumes aren’t just for groups of friends, you know. Whether it’s playtime on a rainy day at home, or you’re fielding a full-fledged trick-or-treating troupe, dressing up together is a great way to create fun family memories.

Our most basic, easy TMNT costumes for grown-ups are simply a T-shirt with a mask. These kits count as costumes, and they’re still simple enough of change in and out of on the fly. Ninja Turtles costumes with character designs from the cartoon and the movie both come in adult sizes as well.

Women can choose to rock one of these authentic costumes too, or go with a jumpsuit version. There are also adult sizes in the girls’ TMNT dresses that we mentioned above, and each one of these comes with a turtle shell purse – the perfect accessory for storing shuriken, nunchuks, or sais. Katana and bo staff wielders might be a little out of luck, but those are really the most brandish-able of the four TMNT weapons, anyways.


TMNT Weapons and Accessories

No matter which style of Turtles costumes you need, you won’t be much of a ninja without the appropriate weapons. For Leonardo, that’s the katana; for Donatello it’s the bo staff; for Michelangelo it’s the nunchucks; for Raphael it’s the twin sais. All of these costume props look as cool as they do on-screen, but since they’re just made of blunt, chunky pieces of plastic, they’re safe to play with indoors.


TMNT Costumes for Pets


Yes, even your dog can join in the fun. TMNT costumes for dogs look just as accurate as their human counterparts, only with a couple extra leg holes. Turn your best friend into a mutant turtle – no toxic sewer slime necessary! If an animal’s going to dress up for Halloween, it might as well be as another animal, right? These will also fit cats or other similarly small-statured pets.


TMNT Birthday Parties


As it so happens, TMNT isn’t just one of the most popular costume themes for kids on Halloween. It’s also one of the biggest birthday party themes for kids, according to our friends at Birthday Express. Their blog is full of tons of different ideas on how to throw the perfect party with TMNT party supplies. If your child is as big a fan of the Turtles as we are (so, pretty much the biggest fan ever, in other words) and is dying to have a Turtle birthday, complete the party with costumes! Not only can they add to the party theme and decorations, but they’re simply great gifts that will make fine additions to any playroom. Man, we wish we had costumes like this to wear while watch the TMNT cartoons back in the 80s…

Click this link to check out all of Birthday Express’ TMNT birthday party supplies.


TMNT Infographic


This infographic on BuyCostumes.com takes a look at all the different visual styles that the Turtles have undergone since their original comic book in 1984, up through the most recent movie in 2014. Click here to take a trip down Childhood Nostalgia Lane and possibly learn some new Turtles trivia along the way. Plus, the younger Turtles fans in your household will probably get a kick out of how far their favorite heroes have come – we laugh a little bit every time that we’re reminded of The Next Mutation, too.


So, is your household fully consumed by Turtle Power? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, let us know! Tell us which costume themes and costume ideas we should talk about next – Tweet us @CostumeExpress, find us at our new Facebook page, or shoot us a quick email. Check out our Pinterest boards for more costume ideas, too.



Click here to browse the entire collection of TMNT Costumes on Costume Express.



Author: Walter Bloch

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