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Skylanders is one of the biggest video game franchises around! The newest installment in the series, Skylanders: Trap Team, releases this weekend, October 5, in North America.

Our selection of Skylanders Halloween costumes has been totally revamped with new additions for this season. If your kids are big fans of the games, then take trick-or-treating time to the skies with a Skylanders adventure! Keep on reading to learn more about our Skylanders costumes.


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Night Shift is one of the newer additions to the Skylanders squad, having made his first appearance in 2013’s Skylanders: Swap Force. A blood-sucking vampire from the Batcrypt Mountains, Night Shift is also a champion boxer. He had to quit the sport after the Skylands Boxing Federation banned his Teleportation ability, but his boxing gloves are still valuable tools for fighting the forces of Kaos.


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Stink Bomb (left) and Chop Chop (right) joined the Skylanders roster in Swap Force too, and have both joined our team this October as well.

As the resident ninja master of the Skylanders, Stink Bomb uses his trusty shuriken and Kung Fume martial arts to defeat his enemies.

Chop Chop is an interesting combination of undead magic and technology. He was once a proud warrior belonging to the ancient Arkeyans, but wandered alone for centuries before meeting up with Master Eon. His indestructible shield and sword make him an invaluable asset to the Skylanders.


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Crusher is one of the many classic Skylander characters at As of one of the eight giants that made their debut in Skylanders: Giants, this Earth elemental soldier of stone is practically invincible. The wearer of this costume will have no trouble dispatching the robotic horde of the evil Arkeyan King with his mighty rock hammer.


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All set to head out and battle Kaos!  Side by side, the team looks even better – Skylanders costumes make a perfect idea for group costumes for kids.


skylanders costumes 5

skylanders costumes 6



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Skylanders costumes available at

Click inside the graphic above to shop the Skylanders costume look for Halloween! Shop all of your kids’ favorite characters as well their signature accessories. Kaos won’t stand a chance this Halloween.

What did you think of our Skylanders Halloween costume ideas? What was your favorite character to dress up as when you were a kid? What kind of Halloween costumes should we come up with next? Connect with us on Twitter @CostumeExpress to share your thoughts and photos, or shoot us an email.

Author: Walter Bloch

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