10 Minions Costume Ideas From Our Fans

Recently, our friends at Birthday Express held a Minions birthday party contest to see who could make the most amazing Minions birthday party – including dress-up. The contest is over by now, but we’ve assembled 10 of our favorite photos from the entries into the slideshow below.  Take a look through these homemade Minions costumes and get inspired to create your own!


Photo submitted by P.

It’s easy to build a DIY Minions costume for your child and make ordinary items into something special. We especially like the Minions hat in this photo, made from a yellow knit winter cap and pipe cleaner hair.

Photo submitted by Amanda

Minions cakes can be just as cute as Minions costumes.

Photo submitted by Danielle

Here’s an entire family that transformed themselves into Minions! Mom and dad have gone all out, head to toe, as the little one prepares for a trick-or-treating adventure.

Photo submitted by Heather

A paper Gru logo is an easy addition to a DIY Minions costume that adds a small amount of detail and large amount of cuteness. We’re also loving that Minions knit hat.

Photo submitted by Ingrid

Denim overalls + yellow T-shirt + toy hardhat = instant Minion. Adorable! Creating a Minion out of construction paper for your wall is also a great way to make an impromptu photo booth prop.

Photo submitted by Neal

Pets can be Minions too! Special thanks to Neal for submitting this extra-cute photo of his dog in the Minions’ trademark yellow and blue.

Photo submitted by Sarah

Sometimes a pair of Minion goggles is all you need. They’re small enough to make great party favors at a Minions birthday, too – we can tell that this little Minion definitely loved donning a pair at his!

Photo submitted by Stephanie

As is the case with any costume theme, Minions costumes can benefit greatly from the use of props. Some of the sillier and crazy items from the movies, like the Lava Lamp Gun, can by DIY’ed. Or, hunt your local thrift store for cool and complicated-looking toy weapons.

Photo submitted by Susan

With a few fluffs of yellow and blue tulle from the fabric store, along with some lengths of blue ribbon, you can create the perfect costume tutu, just like this one. Pair with blue tights, a Minions T-shirt, and a yellow hair bow.

Photo submitted by Sharon

Grown-ups can have fun with dress-up every day, too. Here’s an entire group of Minions (with their own Gru) that came up with their own costumes.


If you want to see more, you can still look at all the rest of the submitted pictures in the photo gallery.

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Author: Walter Bloch

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