10 Adorable Ways to Dress Up for Trick-or-Treat With Your Baby

What’s the best part about taking your baby out for trick-or-treat? You get to eat all of the candy! (We’re not ashamed to admit that we have quite the sweet tooth ourselves.)

All joking aside, taking your child out for their first trick-or-treat in costume is one of the best and most fun ways to make family memories and start new traditions. You have to snap up those adorable photo-ops before they get old enough to be “too cool” to go trick-or-treating with their parents, right?

These ideas for family Halloween costumes are all centered around the baby costumes – we’ve also included suggestions for adult costumes that match, so that you can complete a cute costume theme if you like.

If your children are a little bit older, then you may also want check out our top ten lists of the best Halloween costumes for toddlers and family Halloween costumes.

(Also, that adorable photo of twin baby Ewoks in the header is from Abby Smith of TwistMePretty.com. Click here to read about her favorite trick-or-treat tips.)


1. Baby Dragon Costumes

Family costume theme: Fairy Tales 


Both the Dinky Dragon baby costume and the larger-sized dragon costume for infants are designed a lot like fuzzy onesie pajamas. Stuffed dragon tails, wings, and horns finish the look for each one, complete with googly eyes.

Now, what costumes for mom and dad can be paired with this fierce, fire-breathing dragon? Renaissance inspired costumes are perfect. Complete this fairy tale as a knight in shining armor or as a medieval princess (Daenerys Targaryen, anyone?).


2. Baby Lion and Tiger Costumes

Family costume theme: Circus


Lions and tigers (and bears), oh, my!” Let your little cubs roar into their first trick-or-treat as one of these big cats.

As for rounding out the family costume theme, we think clown costumes or a ringmaster costume go great with the little lion and tiger. After all, life with babies can definitely be a bit of a three-ring circus sometimes.


3. Baby Monkey Costumes

Family costume theme: Barrel of Monkeys



Have you seen a more lovable little monkey than this? All of these monkey costumes for babies are fuzzy, furry, and adorable for Halloween.

Don’t stop there, though. Why let the kids have all the fuzzy fun? These adult monkey costumes are perfect for both men and women, and you’ll all look super cute going from house to house as a whole barrel of matching monkeys. Or, complete the look with other animal costumes.


4. Baby Frankenstein Costumes

Family costume theme: Household of Horrors


This little monster is a fraction of the size of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, but his scars, tattered clothes, and neck bolts make him look every bit as spooky as the real thing.

One of the most fun family group costumes that you can create with baby dressed as Frankenstein is to dress dad like Frankenstein, too, and mom as the Bride of Frankenstein. You can also mix it up with other classic horror movie monster costumes like The Mummy, Dracula, or the Werewolf.


5. Baby Monster Costumes

Family costume theme: Fun and Friendly Monsters



Speaking of monsters, we couldn’t stop with Frankenstein. This fuzzy blue monster costume for babies is too cute not to include. Just like the animal costumes we mentioned above, it’s a onesie design covered in warm and snuggly faux fur. Details like colorful polka dots and plush monster horns complete the costume.

Adults can take inspiration from Monsters, Inc.’s Sully with this furry T-shirt costume, or go with this lovable green monster from BCozy.


6. Baby Lobster Costumes

Family costume theme: “So cute you just wanna eat him up”


Lobsters are crustaceans, which are essentially giant bugs. Who knew that they could be so adorable?

Now, lots of different versions of this family costume idea have been stewing around the Internet for years, and it’s simply too good not to mention here. With baby in a lobster costume, and mom and dad wearing chef hats, all you need is a large pot to create an easy and funny family costume.

There’s a chance that not everyone will find that idea as hilarious as we do, but come on – it’s really cute! Alternately, you can also pair the baby lobster with adult lobster costumes.


7. Baby Garden Gnome Costumes

Family costume theme: “Kinder-garden”


They might be a little young for kindergarten, but nobody’s ever too young for a good pun.

This baby gnome costume includes a red hat and also has silly, oversized gnome ears attached. A big bushy beard with some eyebrows make it one of our favorite funny baby costumes. Older children in the family can get in on the theme, too, with gnome costumes for boys and girls.

Mama Gnome and Papa Gnome can get costumes to match, complete with those trademark gnome hats.


8. Baby Peacock Costumes

Family costume theme: “A walk ’round the block with your mock peacock flock”


Peacock costumes are always a popular Halloween costume idea for women, so we figured that a baby peacock costume would be an amazing way to complete a super-cute matching mom-and-child costume. This baby peacock costume features a massive tail of purple plumes and a soft, plush bodysuit with Velcro hood.

For mom, we recommend the classic peacock costume look which can, of course, be customized with leggings, tights, scarves, and other accessories. You can also get just the peacock wings by themselves and pair them with any black dress or outfit that you already have.


9. Baby Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Family costume theme: A whole “House of Mouse”


The most classic of Disney characters make a perfect family costume for adults and kids of all ages. Baby Minnie Mouse is especially adorable with her puffy polka-dot dress and matching headband, and this Mickey Mouse onesie jumpsuit is a simplified design that’s easy for the little ones to wear.

Grown-ups can dress up with an accessory kit – just combine the mouse ears, tail, and gloves with a red top for an instant costume. Or, go really authentic with Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes for adults.


10. Baby Pirate Costumes

Family costume theme: Pirates of the Trickortreatin’


Pirate costumes are one of the all-time most popular Halloween costume ideas, so why not dress up the whole family? Little “Cap’n Stinker” is the perfect pirate costume for babies – a little ruffled shirt looks just like a mini version of the real thing, and a matching red and black striped bandana and pair of pants complete the look. Plus, much like a real pirate captain, babies command plenty of attention.

For the first mates and other crew, there are plenty of pirate costumes for adults to choose from, for men and women alike. Jack Sparrow and Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean are a great idea.



What do you think of our list? Will you be dressing up with your kids in a family costume theme this Halloween? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then tell us what kind of costume ideas we should show off next. Leave a comment below, or on the Costume Express Facebook and Twitter pages. Check us out on Pinterest for more great costume ideas for kids, too.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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