Free Printable Trick-or-Treat Halloween Masks

Here’s a fun Halloween activity for kids that the whole family can participate in. Try making your own Halloween masks and see who can be the scariest!

Once you’ve downloaded and printed your free Halloween mask templates – we recommend using thick paper like cardstock or photo paper – there are three simple steps to finish your D.I.Y. masks:


  • Color in your monster mask. Make it look like a classic movie monster, or let your child come up with their own creation.
  • Cut holes for the mouth and eyes. To make perfect eye holes, trace around a small circular object such as a plastic bottle cap.
  • Attach a popsicle stick handle to the back of the mask. You can also use a hole punch and some string to make hands-free Halloween masks.

Click on the preview images below to see the full-resolution mask templates in PDF form.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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