8 Family-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas That Are Still Scary

Everybody loves a good Halloween party, but they can be tricky to plan, especially if you need ideas for your whole family.

So, we’ve come up with a few family-friendly Halloween party ideas that are still super spooky and tons of fun for everyone. Each of these party ideas is appropriate for small children, but older kids and teens will love them, too.

Even better, they’re all super easy to pull off.

If you’re looking for inspiration to plan your yearly, epic event, or you just need some last-minute Halloween party-planning ideas, keep reading to learn more.


1. Use basics to build a table that’s anything but.


Our Creepy Night party supplies theme is perfect for a family-friendly Halloween party, but it’s a little bit scary, too. The plates and napkins feature spooky spiders crawling across an orange, autumnal background. No cartoon characters here.

To add even more Halloween style, wrap the napkins around black silverware, and tie with a black-and-white striped ribbon. Also, instead of using a plain plastic tablecover, use a black tablecloth with some gray gauzy fabric on top. It’s an easy way to create a creepy feeling in the room.


2. Don’t be afraid to step up the special effects a bit.


A smoking, bubbling cauldron makes a great centerpiece for any Halloween table, too. This prop will fit just about anywhere, plugs into any wall socket, and uses ordinary tap water to create a thick, rolling fog.


3. Hanging decorations improve any party scene.


Decorate your place from floor to ceiling, and everything in between! This skeletal Halloween garland decoration is made from pieces of gauze fabric intertwined around a durable, flexible plastic rope. Skulls, bones, and skeleton pieces hang from the garland’s seven-foot length.

In the background, we layered orange, black, and white paper fan decorations of different sizes to create some texture for the walls. Don’t forget about other decorating staples, like streamers and balloons; use your imagination to figure out what works for your party.


4. Cupcakes make every Halloween party better.


This orange and black cupcake stand features an adorable polka-dot motif and will easily display two dozen of your favorite cupcakes. We gave a bunch of ordinary vanilla cakes some fun Halloween flair with purple decorating sugar and cute Halloween cupcake toppers.


5. Use candy to make dandy decorations.


Here’s an  edible centerpiece idea that’s certainly sweet. Layer different colors and kinds candies in a big glass jar to create an appealing look. We used orange and black gumballs, green Sixlets, classic candy corn, and some put some swirly lollipops on top. Plastic skeleton hands and spiders on the outside of the jar complete this fun decoration.

We also used this D.I.Y. tabletop cemetery decorating kit. With 20 different pieces included, you can create and customize your own Halloween scene to fit your party any way you like.


6. These cookies bite back!


Here’s an easy Halloween party food idea that kids will love. Decorate the flat sides of two chocolate chip cookies (purchased or home-baked) with red decorator’s frosting. Then, stick five or size mini marshmallows in a row along the edge of one cookie for teeth. Use a pair of almond halves for vampire fangs. Sandwich the second cookie on top, and you have a plateful of tasty Halloween treats.


7. No tricks – Halloween treats can be healthy, too.


Don’t worry, that’s just a plastic bug. After all, this is a Halloween party – what could be scarier than the thought of eating near an infestation of insects?

For an easy, healthy Halloween snack, prepare a plate of wheat or pita chips. Bonus points if they’re fun Halloween shapes, but simple triangles work just as well – they look a little bit like freshly fallen autumn leaves, now that we think of it. Serve with your favorite dip in an orange paper treat cup.


8. Feast your eyes on a feast of eyes.


Who would have thought that mini cheese wheels topped with black olive slices make perfect little eyeballs? To create the bloodshot veins, draw them on with a red food coloring marker pen. Or, scratch a veiny pattern into the wheels with a toothpick, and use red food dye or ketchup to fill them in.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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