Top 10 Family Halloween Costume Themes

Group Halloween costumes are always fun. With a few friends, you can assemble your own Justice League, or recreate your favorite TV shows and movies.

Dressing up with your kids on Halloween is even better. Just think of how cute your whole family will be when it’s time for trick-or-treat!

These are the top family Halloween costume themes for 2015. If you’re going out to celebrate together, then show off your style and family spirit with one of the these coordinated looks. Use the slideshow below the explore the list!



#10. Batman Costumes

Whether it’s thugs on the streets of Gotham or the Joker and his gang of fellow supervillains, the Dark Knight always has something or someone to deal with. Fortunately, he’s never alone – allies like Catwoman, Batgirl, and Robin are always there to help. This is why Batman makes for a fun family costume theme for Halloween.

Family group costume idea: Mom and dad as Batman and Catwoman; kids as Robin and Batgirl.


#9. Jurassic World Costumes

In the biggest blockbuster of 2015, two boys travel to the Costa Rica’s Isla Nublar to visit their aunt, who manages some of the lead scientists and researchers of the Jurassic World theme park. When the Indominus Rex super-dinosaur escapes its enclosure, terror ensues. Hopefully, your family’s Halloween will be a little more peaceful than that.

Family group costume idea: Parent with an Inflatable T-Rex costume; child with an Owen costume. Or, mom and dad as Owen and Claire; kids in dinosaur costumes.


#8. Ninja Costumes

HIII-YAH! Ninja go back hundreds of years in Japanese history. As the ultimate warriors, spies, and assassins, they were masters of stealth and hand-to-hand combat. Ninja often worked alone, but also relied on each other to carry out their missions. If your family wants to embrace the art of the ninja this Halloween, our ninja costumes for all ages will help.

Family group costume idea: Mom and dad as Elite Ninja; daughter as the Lotus Warrior; son as the Black Ninja. Accessorize with toy weapons.


#7. Big Hero 6 Costumes

Disney’s Big Hero 6 is the story about a young genius and robotics expert named Hiro Hamada. When Tadashi, his older brother, invites him to his university’s robotics lab, Hiro meets Baymax, a friendly personal care robot that Tadashi created. Together, Baymax and Hiro embark on an epic quest bigger than anything Hiro ever expected.

Family group costume idea: Parent as Armored Inflatable Baymax; child as Hiro


#6. Power Rangers Costumes

Power Rangers is one of the most iconic series, ever – it’s been going strong for more than two decades. If you loved the show when you were a kid, it’s time to pass on that fandom to your own little Rangers. The Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow Rangers make a fantastic family costume.

Family group costume idea: Have everybody choose their favorite color of Power Rangers costumes! Complete the look with Power Rangers accessories.


#5. Cinderella Costumes

Cinderella is one of the most iconic Disney fairy tales. Both the classic animated film and the newer, live-action movie tell the story of Cinderella, who is forced into household servitude by her step-sisters and step-mother. But, after her Fairy Godmother helps bring her to the royal ball to meet Prince Charming, she lives happily ever after.

Family group costume idea: Mom and dad as Cinderella and Prince Charming; daughter as Cinderella.


#4. Avengers Costumes

The Avengers are a collection of crime-fighting superheroes, called upon to defend Earth from the evil super villains that would like nothing more than to see it destroyed. Sometimes their personalities clash, but they always work together for the greater good – just like a family of superheroes.

Family group costume idea: Dress up everybody as their favorite superhero with different Avengers costumes!


#3. Minions Costumes

Everybody loves the Minions. They’re adorable, and their crazy adventures in the Despicable Me and Minions movies are something that the whole family can enjoy. If you and your family enjoyed watching Kevin, Stuart, and Bob in their feature film debut, then Minions costumes are the perfect Halloween look.

Family group costume idea: Design your own Minion characters with Minion costumes for kids and adults!


#2. Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars is one of the most well-known and iconic movie series ever, but with the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Star Wars Halloween costumes are hotter than ever. Will you dress up as heroes, villains, or a couple of each?

Family group costume idea: Mom as Rey; son as Finn; daughter as Captain Phasma; dad as Kylo Ren. Or, use other combinations of Star Wars costumes.


#1. Descendants Costumes

In the story of Disney’s Descendants, King Beast and Queen Belle have united all the Disney Kingdoms into the United States of Auradon, and banished all villains, sidekicks, and accomplices to the Isle of the Lost. Evie, Mal, and the other children of the villains are allowed to go to school in Auradon, where they must choose between evil and good.

Family group costume idea: Mom as Maleficent, kids as Evie and Mal, dad as Jafar.


What do you think of our list? Will you be dressing up with your kids in a family costume theme this Halloween? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then tell us what kind of costume ideas we should show off next. Leave a comment below, or on the Costume Express Facebook and Twitter pages. Check us out on Pinterest for more great costume ideas for kids, too.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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