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Easter’s coming up quicker than you might think! It’s on April 5 this year, and we’ve been keeping a countdown for a while now. After all, aside from Halloween, when else are buckets (or baskets) of treats a common thing? Whether they’re full of chocolates and sweets or healthy snacks, we can always get behind that.

The treats are really the reason why Easter is one of our favorite holidays, but Easter costumes are a big thing, too! The Easter Bunny needs to have a presence at every family gathering, and kids in animal costumes are always cute.

Here are our top ideas for Easter costumes that the whole family can enjoy.


Easter Bunny Costumes


Easter Bunny costumes and bunny suits are a great way to celebrate Easter with your family! Smaller children will love being able to see the Easter Bunny himself, and older kids will just get a kick out of seeing their parents in costume. Nothing wrong with that! All Easter rabbit costumes also require the use of a novelty giant carrot. That’s really just common sense.

Even your dog can wear a bunny costume!

Some of our bunny suits really go above and beyond to bring the Easter magic, too. High-quality, professional rabbit costumes are always seen at malls and shopping centers around Easter time to take pictures with children. Well, this is where those mascots come from! Our premium rabbit costume features a huge, oversized head with plenty of details sculpted from foam rubber and faux fur. If you want the Easter Bunny to appear at your local church event, in an Easter parade, or at the halftime festivities of a school sports game, this might be an easy way to get it done. All you need is a costume and a volunteer with a heart big enough to fill these furry shoes (but is under six feet tall… unfortunately, even the Easter Bunny can’t defy physics).


Easter Bunny Costumes for Kids


If you’re looking for a fun family photo op for Easter, then the kids will definitely need to dress up! Bunny costumes for babies and infants are just adorable – here are a couple of pink and blue versions to choose from, both made from the same comfortably fuzzy fabric. This white rabbit costume is a little more like a “traditional” Easter Bunny costume, and here’s one for toddlers that are a little bit older. For an easier alterative, bunny ears and bunny masks both make for great photo props and accessories.


Cuddly Animal Costumes


Bunnies aren’t the only Easter animal, of course. Spring is in the air, and so is every kind of furry, cuddly creature! The best thing about all of these fuzzy costumes is that they’re made with different kinds of faux fur, fleece, and plush materials. So, not only does that mean their construction is super-high quality and extra durable (perfect for running around, as kids are wont to do around holidays and family get-togethers), but these costumes are cozy and warm, too. If you live in an area that’s still a little chilly in early spring, or if you’re putting these costumes away for late October, that’s a perfect fit.

This cute little lamb onesie is the perfect sheep costume for a baby or toddler, and this version is perfect for little girls who love pink! For kids that might not be into the idea of full costumes for Easter, this sheep mask will do the trick, too. Plus, if your little ones are into the high energy action of WWE, you might even be able to convince them that this is really just an Erick Rowan costume (wrestling gear not included).

We have to mention Easter chicks and ducklings, while we’re at it too. Everyone knows and loves those little yellow Marshmallow Peeps (FYI, we think they’re even better after you pop them in a microwave and watch them grow), so here are a couple of adorable duck costumes for your little ones! Don’t worry, mom and dad, there’s ones in your size as well.


Religious Costumes and Easter Pageant Costumes

Lots of local churches, day cares, and schools put on special Easter plays every year – rooms and gymnasiums full of proud parents looking on as children make their big debuts on stage. Did you even participate in events like that when you were a kid too? Shepherd costumes, complete with those curved shepherd crooks and all, are definitely a necessity. Biblical characters like this Mary costume fit in, too.


Have we inspired you to dress up for your Easter celebration this year? What kind of costume ideas and themes should we show off next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Find us on Twitter @CostumeExpress or on our new Facebook page to share your thoughts, and check out our Pinterest boards for even more great costume ideas for kids.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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