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Blue Adult Morphsuit

Blue Adult Morphsuit


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Who is that masked Morph?

Unleash your wild side with the Morph suit experience. The Blue Adult Morphsuit turns you into a mysterious blue streak, ready to set the party alight with your crazy antics. The beauty of a Morphsuit is that you become completely anonymous, a mysterious, faceless figure capable of anything. Who knows, maybe you're a superhero disguising his true identity? After all, they're the only people who go around wearing that much spandex. Whatever kind of morph you choose to be, you can morph into a new personality instantly and have the time of your life. Tell your party posse to get ready for some serious blue steel craziness!

  • Includes: Morphsuit full body suit - one piece.
  • This is an officially licensed Morphsuit costume.

As a daring, outrageous, one piece package of fun, morph suits have become a costume party craze, changing what dressing up means. Ditch your boring old identity for one night and run around as a mysterious figure of fun. What crazy things will you get up to? There are other benefits too, such as if you want to avoid someone you don't like...just stand against a blue wall and voila, you've got instant camouflage.

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