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TreeTrunk Witch

TreeTrunk Witch


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She couldn't stick the landing!

This TreeTrunk Witch is a whimsical and eye-catching decoration that portrays a witch who had some difficulty in making a successful landing. Hopefully she is better with her spell casting than she is with her flying and landing! You will be thankful her apparent lack of flying skills landed her in your tree, ensuring laughs for young and old during the entire Halloween season. Using her as part of your decor is sure to lighten up even the scariest of Halloween nights! Her colorful design -- complete with broom, striped stockings and gray hair -- make the scene she creates that much funnier. You will agree when you see her hanging in your tree!

  • Includes: The TreeTrunk Witch is a one piece set that includes the witch who has made a crash landing.

Hang her in a tree, on your house or anywhere her crash landing would cause some laughs. This silly and fun decoration gives you the flexibility to decide where she would be best displayed. She is the perfect way to show your sense of humor and your love for Halloween. Her durable construction ensures that she can survive the outdoor elements better than she can stick her landings!

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