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Large Cartoon Hands

Large Cartoon Hands


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Hands down (or up!), the best costume idea ever

These large cartoon hands are a perfect addition to almost any costume. Video game characters with giant appendages? Large cartoon hands! Characters from classic children's stories? Large cartoon hands! Any wacky character from your favorite childhood television show? Large cartoon hands! Basically, these hands are an essential part of any cartoon-based costume. The gloves are well designed for comfort and breathability. These gloves feature three oversized fingers and a thumb, so you'll be able to do almost everything you could with your hands free. Additionally, the gloves are padded, making them great for giving high fives. The padding also disguises your hand so you'll be able to thoroughly convince any youngsters around that you're actually the character you say you are.

  • Includes: Large cartoon hands. Ages 15+.

If you're looking to have an incredible time as a cartoon character for your next event, these gloves are essential. Be sure to grab a pair before Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday where you're looking to make your evening just a little more fun. Your friends will be sure to give your original costume a big hand!

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