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Triceratops 4' Cardboard Stand Up

Triceratops 4' Cardboard Stand Up


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Watch out for the dinosaurs!

Have you ever been close to a Triceratops before? Liven up the party and add in some delightful screams with the Triceratops 4' Cardboard Stand Up. The Triceratops may have been herbivorous, but with its scary teeth and horns, it could still do some serious damage. So, look where you step!

  • Includes: One Triceratops cardboard stand-up figure.
  • Dimensions: Stand-up figure measures 65" x 49".
  • Adult assembly required.

A budding paleontologist's dream

Does your son or daughter dream of unearthing those majestic reptilian beasts of the Mesozoic era? If so, this Triceratops cardboard stand-up might be the ideal prop for his or her room. Just think of all the fantastic dinosaur dreams your child might have after falling asleep each night near this stand up. You might soon be bombarded with detailed requests for excavation equipment or plans for paleontology university funds.

Approved by both adults and kids

Dinosaurs aren't just for kids! Use this fantastic stand-up figure as an accessory for a costume party or themed event. Beasts of all shapes and sizes come out to party; so why shouldn't you include the powerful Triceratops at your next themed event? You can even take it a step further and dress up in a fun dinosaur costume and pose beside this prop. You can also make it a family event with a range of costumes. In your group, you might have a T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and an Iguanodon -- all of whom will be trying to pose next to your cool Triceratops stand up.

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