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Spooky Window Boards

Spooky Window Boards


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Create an authentically creepy look

Do you want to go that extra mile this Halloween and really add an eerie factor to your own haunted house? The Spooky Window Boards are a must! Buy one package for a single boarded window effect, or buy multiple packages to cover every window that cries out for special attention. Your efforts will not be wasted, and these decorations are definitely conversation starters (not to mention bone-chilling to see).

  • Includes: The Spooky Window Boards includes four plastic battered and faux blood stained boards.
  • Dimensions: Boards measure 27.25" x 5.5" each.
  • Material: Plastic.

Your house will be the talk of the town

These plastic boards have been distressed and splattered with faux-blood effects to create a true sense of horror. Are the zombies on the loose? Has an escaped murderer tried to get in? Has a dastardly chainsaw killer taken another victim? You will want all those possibilities to run through the heads of the revelers as they approach your haunted abode on this Halloween night. Will they approach with cautious curiosity, or will your guests dive into the macabre fun with the enthusiasm for scare tactics that they reserve for All Hallow's Eve? Either way, this is a decoration that can not be missed!

An illusion of something sinister afoot

This decoration works well on its own, but you can also combine it with other similarly distressed yard pieces to create a whole decrepit and scary vibe. For instance, the foreboding window pieces look great when combined with painted warning signs, the picket fence pieces and even a grave or two. Don't be surprised if you find yourself really enjoying bringing this unearthly spectacle together. It is a chance to be creative and channel that inner kid who may have loved late night B-movies and the chill from seeing the mist rise above a graveyard.

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