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SWAT Team Vest Costume For Adults

SWAT Team Vest Costume For Adults


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Ready to bring the heat this Halloween season?

The criminal element in and around your next Halloween party better watch out, because they are about to get a lot of Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) coming their way when you put on this SWAT Team Vest Costume For Adults. They are the police officers called in when there's a lot on the line; when the bad guys are in serious need of a quick take down. Answer the call!

  • Includes: Authentic-looking zip up vest with SWAT/police logo and multiple pockets.
  • Does not include: Shirt, pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • Care instructions: Dry clean only.

Here you come to save the day!

There you are, working at the station, when the call comes in--there's a serious situation developing and they are calling for the SWAT team to come in and take care of business. Without a moment's hesitation, you swing into action, become ready to jump into harm's way and save the day. Are you ready to join the team? Of course you are!

Upholding the public trust!

You are part of the team that people put all of their confidence in when the time comes. They know that once you show up, there's only one way things are going to go--with the bad guys taken down hard. This Halloween, step into the role of one of the highly regarded SWAT crews who stand guard against the worst of the worst. Standby, officer, and make the public proud!

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