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Hulk Push-in Pumpkin Decoration

Hulk Push-in Pumpkin Decoration


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Hulk up your Halloween!

Take your fall decorations to new levels with this creative and fun Hulk push-in pumpkin decoration! With this decoration, you can take a regular gourd somewhere it's never been before. Made to push into holes you carve, the accessory highlights your love of everything green and powerful. Look for fun ways to incorporate the pumpkin into your next Halloween party or harvest festival. You can apply your decorative skills to making an entire Hulk scene if you'd like.

  • Includes: Four push-ins made up of the Hulk's head, arms and chest to decorate your pumpkin.
  • Does not include: Pumpkin.
  • Care instructions: Hand clean
  • Material: 100% plastic.
  • This is an officially licensed Hulk product.

Hulk smash!

What's more fun than some great Halloween pumpkin smashing? You can get into the spirit when you push this angry looking green thing into that special pumpkin that is out in your front yard. Once the holiday has passed - or the pumpkin gets too ripe - have some fun smashing it into bits, Hulk style. Why not get a few pumpkins, and go all-out with a smash party?

Get ready for the transformation!

When something angers mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner, his inner rage grows until it consumes him, transforming him into the Hulk. There's something exciting about the character, the way he is always fighting to become what has made him a hero, for Bruce Banner knows that there's no telling for sure what will happen when Hulk rages. Trick-or-treat kids stopping by your place will admire your creativity and imagination. Unleash the Hulk!

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