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Toddler Policeman T-Shirt

Toddler Policeman T-Shirt


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Stop right there!

Your little one loves watching men in uniform stop the bad guys, so it's only fitting that he put on the Toddler Policeman T-Shirt and go clean up the streets this Halloween. Word is some bandits are trying to take all the candy away from the kids this year, and your little policeman is the only one who can save the town from descending into chaos. Luckily for you and everyone else, your toddler has the skills and know-how to stop them. By the end of the day, he'll become a legend in the neighborhood, and that means extra candy for him this year.

  • Includes: A short-sleeved shirt with a policeman's uniform print.
  • Does not include: Pants.
  • Material: 100 percent polyester.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold.

Get in tune with all the police lingo!

When your toddler wears this police uniform, he'll begin walking and talking just like an officer. Expect him to start saying things like, "Hold your hands above your head!" He may suddenly yell, "Freeze right there!" Then if he gets really excited, he may say, "Stop and get down on the ground!" He's going to have such a blast pretending he's a police officer that he may even decide to handcuff you and take you to jail.

Go catch the thief

You can also assign your little police officer with a task for the night. That will make Halloween much more fun. Tell him that a thief is stealing everyone's Halloween treats, and the neighborhood needs him to catch the bandit. He'll have the time of his life investigating just who the thief is.

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