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Snow Monster Costume For Toddlers

Snow Monster Costume For Toddlers


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They'll have you "oohing" and "ahhing."

Bring winter's cold and ice inside when your toddler dresses up in this adorable Snow Monster Costume for Toddlers. But don't worry about being too chilly; this costume will warm your heart when you see your child snuggled into the furry, cozy body and hood. Be prepared to jump when she shouts a ferocious "boo!" It's not the Abominable Snowman, it's the delightful pitter-patter of a very huggable young monster coming your way. She'll elicit frightened shrieks and enchanted giggles when the row of monster teeth and big, black clawed toes approach.

  • Includes: White fur plush body, monster head, and shoe covers.
  • Does not include: A shirt, tights, or shoes.
  • This costume is made of 100% polyester. Hand wash only.

She'll be the cutest monster you've ever seen.

There's no safer way to bring a monster into your home than with this lovable snow monster costume. With its realistic shaggy head and expressive eyes and mouth, the hood will make your child feel like a real Yeti, even if she can't yet pronounce the word. Plush and loosely fitted, the body section will fit your child comfortably and allow for hours of crawling, running, and jumping. Create memories as you role-play together in a wintry game of make believe in the snow, or get an early start to the season as a Halloween costume. Wherever your wee one wears this furry outfit, she'll enjoy running around, roaring like a monster to scare friends and parents alike, stomping her hairy paws around, and shaking the bright white fur like the cute little monster she is.

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