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Toddler Teddy Bear Costume

Toddler Teddy Bear Costume


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Teddy bear time!

Your little bear will snuggle up in this Toddler Teddy Bear Costume for a fun evening of costume play and growly fun. Teddy Bears are a childhood staple, and outside of the bed they have another life. Let your child explore the world as a tiny bear pawing her or his way through the world, and pretending to eat honey and catch fish in a cold stream. It's the perfect choice for your toddler's first big Halloween, enacting stories, or playing and romping with all the other forest animals.

  • Includes: A plush fur body, character hood, and shoe covers.
  • Does not include: Shirt or tights.

Grin and bear it

Grumpy bear, hungry bear, sleepy bear or playful bear? There are as many personalities as there are bears. Watch your tyke try on different moods and poses as she or he plays and creates stories and adventures. Learn about a bear's habits, environment, and all about how this unique animal copes with the seasons as well as changes in habitat or climate. What does the world look like though a bear's eyes?

A forest family

Join up with a community of other forest animals for an afternoon of home theater, play, and storytelling. Create an imaginative forest peopled with stuffed animals, stories, and a warm and safe bear's den. Imagine a sunny day in a forest glen, with squirrels busily bustling around, birds singing, and floppy-tailed bunnies hopping here and there. It's a living story your child can return to again and again.

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