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The Legend of Zelda: Links Master Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Links Master Sword


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Finish him off with the Master Sword!

Pull on your green tunic and begin your quest for The Legend of Zelda: Links Master Sword, which will help you defend the Kingdom of Hyrule against the evil Ganondorf. Throughout your amazing adventure in this far-off land, you will prove your courage, power and wisdom by undertaking the most difficult trials. As a true warrior with a pure heart, you will retrieve the blade from atop the pedestal in the Temple of Time and use it to slay the monstrous Prince of Darkness. Demonstrate your worthiness to wield the Master Sword, with its jeweled purple hilt and glowing blue blade, and you will be heralded as Link, the one who breaks curses and vanquishes villains from the land.

  • Includes: One sword with sheath. Measures 26"L x 6LW x 2"D.
  • This is an officially licensed Legend of Zelda product.

The Master Sword he will then retrieve

Journey from "The Legend of Zelda" to "A Link Between Worlds" aided by the most powerful of weapons. Originally called the Goddess Sword upon being forged by the goddess Hylia, the Master Sword also contains the spirit Fi, who will guide and assist you. When you bathe the cool blade in the Sacred Flames of the three Golden Goddesses, it becomes imbued with mystical powers. Driven by your desire to complete the ultimate quest, prepare to travel through the Gate of Time by placing your sword in its stylish blue sheath, which features a Triforce symbol and ornate gold trim. After you have obtained Hylia's blessing, this mighty weapon will be transformed into the True Master Sword, a sacred blade so powerful that it can even withstand those who attempt to steal possession of Link's mighty Triforce.

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