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Toddler Kermit Costume

Toddler Kermit Costume


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Your toddler will be the wisest Muppet of all!

Kermit the Frog is clearly your toddler's favorite Muppet, mainly because he's funny and his goal is to make the world a better place. So, the Toddler Kermit Costume is a great choice for a Halloween outfit this year. As soon as your little one becomes Kermit, he'll immediately be saying things to brighten up your day, such as "Life is similar to a movie. Just create your own ending", and "The three best gifts are children, ice cream, and laughter". Yeah, your little Kermit is going to surprise you all day long.

  • Includes: A green jumpsuit and Kermit hood.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Muppets costume.

Look who just walked through the door!

That's what people will be saying as soon as your little toddler enters the party. Everyone will be lining up just to chat with the little star, and if they're lucky, your little one will sing a song or rhyme a poem for them. After all, this talking amphibian has a ton of talent. If any of the Sesame Street characters happen to be at the party, expect your toddler to be super excited to hang with old pals as well as new ones.

Get all the Muppets together!

One cool idea is to gather other toddlers in the area and have them dress up as Muppets for Halloween too, like Fozzie Bear, Beaker, Animal, Miss Piggy and others. It will probably be chaotic, but you know your little Kermit will work to keep it all organized. At the very least, trick-or-treating with a bunch of toddler Muppets in costume will be a blast.

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