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Kids Leopard Accessory Kit

Kids Leopard Accessory Kit


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Your child can change her spots with a flick of her tail

The Kids Leopard Accessory Kit lets your child exercise her imagination, pretending to be anything from a playful kitty to a leopard stalking her prey. She will start off with quiet mewling, and finish off her playtime with powerful leopard roars! Let her explore the wilds of the tropical grasslands of the savanna and the exotic menagerie of the jungle, all while in the comfort of the backyard. Her hours of playing as various feline creatures will inspire her to learn more about how such big cats live, explore, and interact with other animals. In time, your child will discover that the fascinating world of ferocious cats extends far beyond the reach of her happy home, and she will happily spend her afternoons reenacting all that she has learned.

  • Includes: An ears headband, bow tie, and tail.
  • Does not include: Leotard, tights, or shoes.

A kitty cat's playtime is never done, and your child has just begun

The majestic grace of the leopard will inspire your child to create her own African safari adventures. As the infamous spotted leopard, she will make friends with other wildlife creatures, such as the lion, tiger, and antelope, even if they are normally adversaries in the wild. Your little leopard and her friends could even create an entertaining animal play, and invite all of their parents to the premiere performance. For even more childlike delights, you could hold an animal-themed birthday party for your child, with cat-friendly games, jungle-inspired activities, and sweet treats to soothe any feline's appetite.

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  • Kids Leopard Accessory Kit

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