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Multi Colored Rainbow Mask

Multi Colored Rainbow Mask


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The most colorful unicorn head in town

What's better than a horse head mask? A rainbow-colored unicorn mask, of course! When you wear this Multi Colored Rainbow Mask, you can be a regular unicorn who happens to be rainbow colored, or you can simply own it as that crazy guy who always shows up with some random costume. Your friends will be neighing in envy that they don't have such a spectacular unicorn mask of their own.

  • Includes: One molded latex full head mask with a synthetic hair mane. Nostrils serve as eye openings for limited vision.
  • Materials: Latex.

That's one gorgeous, flowing mane

Really, with a mask like this, you don't need to add anything extra to jazz it up. But if you just can't resist putting on your own personal flair, you can clip some hair bows into the mane or tie a bell to the horn. No one will ever mistake you for a regular horse. With this unicorn mask, you'll stand out from miles away.

Experience the rainbow

Wear it to Halloween parties, costume parties, school events, church (no, don't actually) and more. If you need some ideas, try going as Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time. Or carry a bat around with you and be a human pinata -- just don't let your friends get carried away. The only problem you'll have is not being able to wear it all the time. Because really, if you could be a rainbow-colored unicorn all the time, you would.

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