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Tarantula Hoodie for Adults

Tarantula Hoodie for Adults


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Eek! As a giant spider, you'll have everyone screaming!

How can a costume so soft and fuzzy be so terrifying? Our Tarantula Hoodie for Adults is a clever, one-piece outfit that simply pulls on over your head. Once you've got the sleeves on, you become everyone's worst nightmare: a giant tarantula! Eight long, furry legs, four on each side, move when you jerk and reach out with your own two arms. A fur-covered body keeps you warm down to your waist. The hoodie is topped with red eyes and black, venomous fangs, and you might want to warn folks to stay away from them. Those fangs are what spiders use to knock out their victims. Of course, yours are plastic but those fangs still look pretty scary.

  • Includes: Pull over hoodie with faux fur and 6 creepy crawly legs attached to the selves to create the ultimate spider look.
  • Does not include: Pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Warm and fuzzy, but not too cuddly

As a giant arachnid, you will stay warm under your hoodie--but don't expect any hugs. Eight furry arms may seem like an attractive proposition on a chilly night, but for some reason most people don't want to embrace giant spiders. A true tarantula might retreat into a shadowy hole and wait for victims to approach, but you'll probably want to stay in the open and let everyone see you. Believe it or not, watching people flee in horror gets old after a while. This outfit is best enjoyed in the open, showing adults and children how the arms move, and trying not to knock anyone down as you walk along sidewalks and corridors.

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